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Monday, April 25, 2011

Classmate Praises Yanukovych in Stalinesque Poetry

How do some Donbasians buy £136M+£60M flats? Well, here’s a clue.

Let me have a shot at poetic translation.

Viktor, you're the light and the banner. With you we'll crush our foes! You brought faith to the people. Happiness, freedom, and home.
Viktor, you're the resplendent one. Ray of light, hope, and love!
Do it, take command, lead us. Till all our foes are no more!

The clouds will go, I know. A bright life will come to us.

All your evil foes, all this yellow* scum

Shall perish instantly. And may prosperity come!

The bright life is coming. There's good news in store.

Do it, take command, lead us. Till all the dark is no more.

*Yellow obviously means orange (as in the Orange Revolution)

Why not drop a love bomb on Kim Jong-il too? For a bowl of rice, maybe?

Buckwheat would be even better. It’s up 300% since Kim Januk-il took command.

Bonus Track

Actually, Yanukovych had enthralled poetic souls long before he became president. Here’s another gem, based on a Soviet patriotic tune, performed by a Yanukovych supporter in April 2007.

We need no coast of Turkey
We need no America

That guy from Doneeeeetsk would be OK

He’s nothing but a mirrrrracle


Ropi said...

We have our "Viktor" as well, but he is still more "humble".

Taras said...

Different Viktors, different viktories:)

Good to see you again! What's new in Budapest?:)

Ropi said...

Well, some places got new names, and we humiliated ourselves on Eurovision.