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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lukashenka: ‘There's Plenty of Lousiness to the Current Leadership of Ukraine’

One dictator at a time. That’s how the EU does business.

That’s why the dictator next door ended up home alone, unwelcome and underappreciated.

Meanwhile, the dictator-indoor bombarded Barroso, Ban Ki-moon and other Western dignitaries with tin-cup hospitality. Later, he accompanied Medvedev and Patriarch Kirill on their Chernobyl pilgrimage.

Lukashenka: You know, frankly speaking...uh...not so frankly, ask this question to Yanukovych: Why is the Belarusian president not present at their event? You ask them. Uh…unfortunately...uh...there’s plenty of lousiness to the current leadership of Ukraine. Uh...I’m not going to be fishing for an invite, and to be some kind of, you know, what you may call it...uh...a sidekick of some kind is not what I’m going to be either — of either one president or the other. That’s why this question — why no Lukashenka — one should ask Yanukovych this question. As for...jerks like Barroso and others...just who is Barroso? There was some Barroso in Portugal, then they kicked him out, put him in the European Commission or some other place. That’s why I couldn’t care less about it...uh...whatever blabber came from some European official someplace. There’s a thousand of them. Uh...and the most important thing is...well, it’s probably easier for me to speak here — you can see it and you know it — that...these are holy days for me.

Holy moly! What a stab in the back from the land where Yanukovych's father was born.

And what a cold shower for pan-Slavic unity. Or maybe acid rain?


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