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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yanukovych to Ukrainians: ‘Show Some Ukrainian Character’

The Yanuking speaketh...

From this treebune...tribune, I want to reach out to every Ukrainian with this: No more complaining and humiliating yourself. Ukraine is a strong and ambitchious state. It’s time to show some Ukrainian character — to prove to yourself and to the world that Ukraine is a country that leads the way.

As if saying трибина instead of трибуна wasn’t enough!

would be a mistranslation. What he actually mumbled out defied translation: амбідна — a portmanteau of ambitna and bidna (ambitious and poor).

How badly does he want poor Ukraine to show some Ukrainian character? I mean, like they did in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya?

Or at least, like holding him to his promise? Last year, he promised us to show his Mezhyhirya property, remember?

Pools, lakes, mansions, club houses, guest houses, pigeon houses, bowling, tennis, golf, helipad, underground shooting range...

Just how much character does it take? To keep all this stuff around while holding the country's highest office?

UPDATE offers a
fresh collection of bird's eye views of Mezhyhirya.


Club house

Pigeon houses

Visit for breathtaking video (Part 1) from a Mezhyhirya-Kyiv chopper flight. Part 2 coming soon.

In case you failed to notice, last year, Yanukovych made $115K and his wife $2K.



John Kalitka said...

Where's the golf course?

Taras said...

Under construction. So the article says.

I think there's a movie that, in its own way, deals with construction and golf issues.

Anonymous said...

Our president is making spelling errors all the time. For example álamfő instead of államfő (president). It is quite embarrassing.