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Friday, October 27, 2006

Reg MPs Post Bail for Hacker

Somewhere outside the media’s current fixation on gas, there’s a story that merits attention.

A hacker ring that specialized in credit card forgery and cyber crime appears to have had well-connected talent on board.

With $4 mn worth of “business” over a period of two years, seven members will stand trial shortly and two remain at large, namely Andrew Kravchenko and Andrew Lazarev.

So where’s the fun? According to, Dmytro Golubov, a resident of Odesa, was released on a 30,000 hryvnia bail posted by PRU MPs Volodymyr Demyokhin and Volodymyr Makeyenko.

Let’s pause to think for a moment. What in the world would motivate sensible politicians to risk their reputation?

Unfortunately, the source offers no comments from the MPs themselves.

Needless to say, if seized upon by the Western media, this “don’t ask, don’t tell” situation would create a fallout of adverse proportions for the Regions Party. Considering the blue oligarchs’ demand for Western credits as well as their IPO ambitions, it could become, if not actionable knowledge, at least food for thought.

Do PRU strategists believe that public relationships with back-door professionals open the doors of the world’s top financial institutions?

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