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Thursday, October 26, 2006

WTOeful Yushchenko Hits Helsinki

Now that Ukraine has locked in the $130 rate for 2007, witness the reloading of WTO/Euro optimism. That’s the lip-service message President Yushchenko will bring to the EU-Ukraine summit in Helsinki.

Last year, Yushchenko, the most vocal supporter of WTO entry, saw his country fail the entry exams. This year, given the conspicuous discount reflected in the $130 price tag, Ukraine’s prospects appear even more remote. From what can be observed, the only way Ukraine could become a member is by refusing the discount, which seems highly unlikely.

Surprisingly, just when the clouds started closing in the WTO won another top-level convert in Ukraine. Speaker Moroz has repeatedly expressed confidence that Ukraine, currently some 21 bills away from the WTO entry requirements, will make it by year end.

Roman Shpek, Ukraine’s envoy to the EU, believes that a free trade agreement with the EU can be signed prior to accession, provided the required legislation has been passed. Well, that’s the most realistic EUresult we should expect this year.

A Fradk-Off or Just a Façade?
Shortly after Fradkov’s departure, Yushchenko rebuked the Russian PM’s suggestions of synchronized WTO accession, saying that Ukraine and Russia should seek entry out on their own. He added that Ukraine would seek no advantage over Russia. Well, there’s no advantage to speak of. Sold out.

Russian Black Sea Fleet to Protect Ukraine from Ukrainians?
The Putin doctrine has had another public relations twist. Speaking at a press conference, Puttie offered the Russian Black Sea Fleet Ukraine as a perennial shield to protect Ukraine from outside meddling. (Mr. Putin, in case you haven’t noticed, by being so overprotective, you’ve just won yourself the Best Meddler Award.)

But wait until you hear this one. On the issue of the Crimea, Puttie volunteered the Russian experience in ethnic conflict resolution. What exactly did he allude to? The massacre in Chechnya? Or Russian multiculturalism, as applied to Georgia, for instance?

That’s how the $130 price tag smells, and it smells all the way to Helsinki.
Despite Ukraine’s strong human rights progress, the ladies and gentlemen he will be seeing there will probably do their own thinking.

They have every reason to question the sincerity of a man whose party has suffered from acute loss of political orientation, has approval ratings of about 9 percent and is led buy a man with a nonexistent sense of humor.


Johnny Ong said...

a govt critic? i think u r the first ukrainian blogger i have came across

Taras said...

A constructive one:)! Well, I'm not the only Ukrainian blogger on the block:) Sudan? Construction? Take care of yourself pal! Bin Laden is watching you:)