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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gone with the Nordic Wind
Yushchenko’s “EUro Party 2006” No Great Shakes

Except for Yushchenko’s crisp response to the Putin doctrine, the Ukraine-EU summit became just another talkathon typical of the Kuchma era.

No wonder, if we take into account his coalition capers, his newfound burden of multivectorism, and his acceptance of the dirty gas discount. The soiled political outfit in which he traveled to Helsinki made it extremely difficult for Ukraine to command credibility in the eyes of the Eurocrats.

As far as 2006 is concerned, President Yushchenko has exhausted his “give them something to believe in” list. So much for the guy who “walks the talk” on the WTO/NATO/EU.

The self-inflicted blow of the “Big in Helsinki” experience should have him rethink his ways. Or does he need a Borat-like figure to shake him up?

As long as he takes himself too seriously while not being serious about what he does, the Nordic wind will not subside.

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