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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Broken Pipeline Kicks Up a Geyser in Kyiv

When you mix Soviet-era infrastructure with Soviet-era maintenance procedures, you may get Scandinavian-looking sights.

Every May-June, Kyivites expect to go without hot water for about two weeks. And yet, for some Kyivites, it can be much worse than they expect.

This is what happens when Kyiv utility companies begin pumping extra pressure into pipelines to find out which ones need fixing.

The situation you’re watching occurred Thursday in the left-bank district of Troyeshchyna. At least four high-rise apartments suffered broken windows and heavy flooding.

The utility company promised to compensate residents for the “collateral damage” done to their property.

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John Kalitka said...

Wow! That's some fountain. Please don't show this to the Iranian governement. You never know what they might do with such "technology...."

Taras said...

No way! I want to keep this sensitive technology at home. In Ukraine, we need more pipelines of this kind — as close to our government buildings as possible!

Anonymous said...

Nice video


Lingüista said...

Of course, the people whose water became this geyser couldn't take their showers that day... A lot of infrastructure reform will have to come someday.