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Monday, June 22, 2009

Yushchenko: “And There’s a Sinner Sitting in Front of You”

He used to annoy the hell out of his voters by acting holier-than-thou. He’s now admitting that everyone is a sinner, in what sounds like a trite syllogism meant to downplay the scale and scope of his sins.

President Yushchenko: Only God is without sin...[pause] Or are there sinless among you as well? No, there are not. Apparently, everyone is a sinner. And there’s a sinner sitting in front of you as well.

“So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:7)

That’s what the Bible says. President Yushchenko here says something different. In my judgmental opinion, he says something like, “Hey, you're all sinners! I'm a sinner, too. So why even bother?”

Let’s bother. Not all sins are born equal, especially if you’re the #1 role model (or anti-role model) in the country.

So...wanna talk about, it Mr. President?

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DLW said...

I don't think that verse was meant to obfuscate matters of gov't, but rather to make us trust in loving relationships more so than the threat of force to get people to change their ways.

But w. politicians/elites, if there isn't some threat of losing their privileges, you know what.

The above doesn't deny the need for use of the threat of force, it just says such needs to be complemented by nonviolent means of persuasion/discipline.

John Kalitka said...

Moral relativism run amok?

elmer said...

Well, let's see what the sinner has done lately:

- he has accused Tymo of sabotaging and preventing financing of preparations for Euro-2012, such as construction of necessary roads, etc. - True, Taras?

- he has just "reshuffled" the supervisory board of the state-owned Export-Import Bank, including placing Ihor Tarasiuk, a member of his secretariat and also his presidential campaign manager, on the board

- Yushchenko's campaign manager, Ihor Tarasiuk, just met with Arseniy Yatseniuk, a candidate for president, in what was supposed to be a secret meeting in a restaurant, complete with bodyguards.

The purpose? Seeing if Yushchenko could at least find a safe and soft landing (as they say in Ukraine - мягка земля) as Prime Minister in return for support from Yushcenko for Yatseniuk as president.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, Tarasiuk is calling all the shots now in the presidential secratariat, even though Mercedes girl Ulianenko is nominally its head.

What do you think of all that, Taras?

Taras said...


What loving relationships are you talking about?

Being had is the only loving relationship I can think of when I think of Ukrainians and their leaders.

This man has done very little to change the game. He didn’t keep his promises. He’s occupied the country's # 1 job for almost five years — and now he’s pretending to be no more sinful than any ordinary citizen.


He probably wanted to make it sound like a self-deprecating statement, a confession of sorts. But all he managed to deliver was a self-rationalizing sermon, a denial of responsibility.


I think most of it is true. I read the Ukrayinska Pravda article with great interest.