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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Herman Doesn’t Remember the $100K Car She Jumped Into

She lives in a village hut and wears a $50K watch.

Tabloid paparazzi spied on her again and here's what they found...

What looks like a $10K diamond ring...

A $1,400 Derek Lam shoulder handbag...

A pair of $800-$1,200 Chanel shoes...

A $100,000 Toyota Land Cruiser.

None of this stuff shows up on her tax returns.

She says she doesn't remember the car. Tabloid says her son was driving it.

Ukraine ranks 134th on the 2008 Corruption Perception Index, out of the 180 countries surveyed.



Marta Salazar said...

Taras, on spanisch we say:

"aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda"


Taras said...

Gracias, querida Marta!

Oh, she’s no animal. She's much more dangerous. Luckily, in the West, civil servants who spend much more than they earn end up in jail, not in the zoo:)