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Monday, June 15, 2009

Herman’s Younger Son, 17, Dies in Car Accident (Updated)

Roman was a 17 year-old on his way from Odesa when his BMW-335 collided with a Mercedes truck. He died.

He was the younger son of MP Hanna Herman (PRU).

Accounts of the accident, which took place in Kirovohrad oblast, at 2:40 a.m. local time, vary. According to, Roman was driving the car, while, according to UNIAN, the driver was another person, an 20-year old.
(In Ukraine, driving a car is illegal for people under the age of 18.)

In the Tabloid comments section, people express condolences, offer sympathy, blast the mazhory, argue with each other and ask questions: How could this kid travel to Odesa and back without parental supervision? Was he driving the car?

According to eyewitness accounts, the two had spent some time at a nearby restaurant, reports. The car was moving erratically, indicating that the driver might have been drunk. It even took the opposite lane before entering the right lane and gaining speed, says a local convenience store manager quoted by

The driver was hospitalized and remains stable.



elmer said...

There seems to be a conflict in the time of the accident as well -

2:40 versus 4:00.

Taras said...

You’re right! Also, early reports stated Roman’s age at 16.

The funeral — a 50-car-strong procession — took place today. I think he took the answers to his grave.

Btw, Artem Kryvoruchko is currently in a mental institution and will most likely be found non compos mentis. In other words, it’s “one law for all” again.

Over the last years, dozens of men, women and children have been killed by the mazhory, the rich motorists who have no respect for traffic rules and human life. With rare exceptions, they paid for their crimes.

But unlike our perverted justice system, the road knows neither rich nor poor.

elmer said...

Wow, that is one quick funeral. Yanuk didn't show.

You're right, Taras, the laws of physics know neither rich nor poor.

When a smaller BMW meets a large Mercedes, no matter how rich and immune one feels behind the wheel of a $100,000 car, force and momentum and energy and the laws of physics don't bow down to the fact that one is the son of a rich, corrupt politician who flashes diamonds in the Rada.

Maybe, just maybe, Hanna Herman will wake up to the dangers of drunk driving and "one law for mazhory" and another for everyone else.

One can only hope.

Little Miss Moi said...

Driving on the highway in Ukraine scared me. We drove down to Crimea and back once, and I was on edge the whole way, especially towards the end of the day when everyone was hurrying to get back to Kyiv along the Kyiv-Odesa highway before it got late...

Taras said...


Indeed, it was a quick funeral, apparently with no autopsy performed. In fact, it was almost a state funeral. They buried him at Baikove Cemetery, where the graves of famous Ukrainian writers, scientists, artists and politicians can be found.

Certainly, it’s an irreparable loss for the mother. But it raises serious questions about her parenting skills, not to mention her sources of income.

Her monthly salary does not exceed $3-4K and yet she wears all those expensive clothes, watches, hand bags and diamond rings. She gets carried in a $100K SUV she doesn’t even “remember.” So, one day, her 17-year-old son gets killed in a $40-50K car, way past a high school kid’s bedtime. What was she thinking?

Isn’t she the one who raids talk shows and lectures Yuriy “Hands-Off-My-Son-I’ll-Protect-Every-Mazhor!” Lutsenko on the “one law for all” thing?

She has a lot of questions to answer.

Little Miss Moi,

You had a mighty good reason to feel that way.

In Ukraine, driving a car and/or crossing the street is like dicing with death.

You never know what’s going to happen. If you follow traffic rules, it won’t save you from some drunk/drugged-out bastard who doesn’t.

And if they’re rich, you or your relatives will never prove anything.