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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tymoshenko Equates Herself With Ukraine (Part 1)

“L’Etat, c’est moi,” said one guy. “Après moi, le deluge,” said his successor.

Tymoshenko clearly subscribes to the first dictum but finds the second one slipping away. She recently split with a guy who used her and abused her so he can proudly put both dicta to good use.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: ...and some think that Yanukovych...well, has mended his ways and has become, uh, a politician who does feel responsibility for, uh, the country. But, unfortunately, there are those aunties...they think that it’s BYuT who got dumped, that it’s Tymoshenko who got dumped — this is the general view. I want to say that it’s the country that got dumped — and it got dumped by a smear campaign that had been arranged against the backdrop of a normal negotiation process. I think that those who withdrew from the negotiation process — to be precise, not those, but he (and, actually, he said it in his statement) — it’s scary to take responsibility for the crisis before an open presidential election. That’s the explanation. Besides, there’s the desire to limit access to the open election campaign. That’s exactly why they withdrew from the negotiation process — because this Constitution gave a guaranteed victory to no one.

Indeed, Yanukovych said it. He decided he could make it on his own. He wants no strings attached fun. He wants to equate himself with the state just as badly as you do, right?

“Desire to limit access to the open election campaign”… Was that a reference to the “no candidates under age 50 accepted” clause? Why would age matter to you if you’re PM and he’s President until 2014?

All of which brings us to another stupid question: What “Constitution” are you talking about? The one that would have abolished direct presidential elections and would have made you prime minister and Yanukovych president? Is that what you call “open presidential election?” Well, such “open” elections can only work if both parties keep their side of the bargain. You’re in the same boat.

Now, if you meant the current Constitution (which I doubt), then nobody has any guaranties. You’re in different boats. So if you’re as good as you say you are, you’re sure to win!

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