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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anthrax House Gets Go Ahead

Construction of the condo complex at Shovkovychna Street in Kyiv, located at the site of a 19th-centruy anthrax cemetery, as some historical records indicate, will resume shortly, according to a clearance issued by local disease control authorities. The probe did not detect any health hazards.

Now look at this CYA "caveat emptor":

However, the presence of isolated burials cannot be completely ruled out, and due to the probability, albeit a low one, of anthrax pathogens being present in the soil of said site, construction works should follow a set of safety precautions.

So how about buying a home sweet home that gambles with nature? Perhaps the construction company should consider getting an endorsement from Freddy Krueger.

Well, since it’s already a Freddy Krueger market, lowering the price a little might actually work better.



Anonymous said...

Legal, illegal, safe, deadly health risk, ... to whom can you turn to when when the proper authorities (city officials and higher government officials) are the ones whose vocabulary has alot of greay area and almost a free-floating set of definitions of terms such as "protected", "legal" etc.

The following is a link which has pictures of a protest which was aimed at spotlighting attention to illegal building on a historically 'protected' street. Seemingly overnight a wooden fence goes up, it is pained hunter green and construction begins. So demonstrators set up their own green 'picket' fence near the Foreign Ministry in order to spotlight attention on the situation of illegal building in a historical area of Kyiv which is under local and international protection.

Again who can turn to when the very same people responsible for protecting your rights, violate them?


PS Then there was the information which came out about Elita-Center (housing firm which went bankrupt and left people with no savings and homeless) because different companies (collected money versus were responsible for building) the full amount of how much was collected can never be recovered from the building firm. They are the only ones who have tangible assets (building construction site) while the company on paper - directors and funds went abroad. (Recently a person responsible was caught by I believe Swiss officials and in custody but never heard if he was extradited to Ukraine.)

Anonymous said...

Будівельний бум у Києві дійшов вже до того, що під ковшами екскаватора знищуються унікальні історичні цінності.

The housing boom in Kyiv has gone to such a point that earth movers are destroying unique historical treasures.

story here


Taras said...

Ukrainians have no other remedy against philanthrapists but themselves.

Unless they take to the streets and stand their ground, they will lose every playground, every tree, and every skyline they hold dear.

Taras said...

Thanks for the link, Luida!

It happens everyday. Unfortunately, Kyivites got used to it. And it's not a housing boom they're dealing with, but a construction boom. Given current current price and income levels, only about 5 percent of Kyivites can afford a home.

On the supply side, we have a cartel with profit margins unheard of in the West. On the demand side, we have many folks who buy new homes for resale, and folks who struck gold in Donetsk or Odesa and feel like conquering Kyiv. That's what powers the boom.

Or should we say, the bubble?