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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yanuk Wishes Ukraine Stabilnist

First of all, I wish that stabilnist would prevail in our country. I wish that the dreams of every Ukrainian family would come true; that those who are sick now would heal. To young people, I wish love. To those whose lives are in need of or are held back by poverty, I wish that their lives would get better.

Translating the last wish ("Тим, в кого не вистачає в житті чи заважає бідність — щоб життя покращилось.") was quite a bit of fun. ProFFessor's awkward phrasing gave him the comic edge of addressing two categories of people: (1) those who can't get enough of poverty and (2) those who have had enough of it.

Oh man, u da bomb! You’re a balm for my soul. Since you’ve been stripped of stabilnist, it’s not every day that we hear a remix of Stability and Prosperity (2007) and Better Living Today (2006).

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Anonymous said...

щоб життя покращилось ... so that life would get better.

What a politician. Why didn't he just sing the Disney anthem "When You Wish Upon a Star".

Argh. Notice how politicians never say how life is supposed to get better. How many jobs were created under his administration, wages increased, rise of the middle class, living standards were raised, etc. not a word. Of course not because to point to objective qualifiers would mean pointing to reality (which would be hard to do)instead of glossy, ephemeral wishes and the dreaded "s" word. Phooey. Bah humbug.


Anonymous said...

btw - use the new page element in blogspot - do a survey/poll ! :))))


Taras said...

Now that his Cabinet has left behind a legacy of scorched earth, with raging inflation and a near-bankrupt Naftogaz, why not make some wishes?

What else can he do other than shower people "в кого не вистачає в житті чи заважає бідність" with wishes that ring hollow when compared to his workings? So there he is, wishing upon stabilnist, just like Papa Kuchma taught him. Too bad his nose didn't get any longer when those lives didn't get any better.

Nevertheless, thank you for that adorable scene from Pinocchio! I love Disney classics:)

Taras said...

A survey on what? Any suggestions:)?

Blog Editor said...

Quick solution (maybe not!), but why not just come up with $50,000 business grant to each citizen of Ukraine and erase the poverty once for all? Can government do that? I think they can.

Anonymous said...

come on just use the page element - (sorry Dan has me under lock and key on his site - I can't do nothin! not even link to a photo ;( so I am excited about a toy I can't use.

How long do they think Tymo govt will remain in power? Who deserves an award from Yushchenko? Tomorrow's temp. in Kyiv? Will it snow? When will Gongadze's court case end? How long will Raisa stay in her new position? Who next should be plucked from the PoR stable? How much do politicians really earn? How many cars are parking on sidewalks of Kyiv streets? Do people think that there will be early Presidential elections? How would they rate Tymoshenko as PM so far? Could be anything from mundane to funny to politically insightful. Anything at all. (Just of course nothing that would get you in trouble facing litigation.) Anything you ever wanted to ask your readers/commentators/lurkers? all up to you whether you choose to do it or not. It is your blog.


Taras said...

Forget it, Daniel. The Tymoshenko Cabinet is scrambling to pay an equivalent of $200 as a compensation for Ukrainians’ Soviet-era savings. This sum that doesn’t even cover the interest due on an average account of several thousand rubles deposited in the mid 80s and held with Sberbank, the Soviet savings bank.

Besides, not everyone has what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Every society needs teachers, doctors, police officers, firefighters, etc.

Of course, these people can and should engage in entrepreneurial behavior and creativity, but still they usually go under the category of public employees.

Finally, from the viewpoint of the corrupt Ukrainian bureaucracy, $50,000 or $500,000 would be better spent elsewhere — to buy a new Mercedes, for instance.

Thank you for flooding my suggestion box, Luida!:) I’ll pick something special;)