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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tymo Talks of Hourly Rates for Miners

We must stop extracting this coal along with the blood of the coal miners. We can’t do this. That’s why an hourly rate is the only thing that can protect the miners from self-destruction.

Meanwhile, two miners died yesterday before paramedics arrived.



Anonymous said...

Her comment, taken by itself, makes no sense.

Normally, one would think that adhering strictly to safety standards would be the thing to do to protect miners' lives.

Of course, once one understands that they turn off various safety devices in order to make more money in the face of unsafe conditions and demands for greater output from the managers of the mine, as is currently done, then the comment becomes somewhat more comprehensible.

Taras said...

And, as always, the question is: Will she walk the talk?

Anonymous said...

She claims that she has met 36 of the "прорив" promises (in her national TV address).

By the way, a very disturbing story -

mercury vapor poisoning of a Ukrainian prosecutor.

Holy cow - what in the heck is going on in Ukraine with these endless assassination attempts?

(see Kyiv Ukraine News Blog).

Anonymous said...

Nope - sorry I am not getting this AT ALL!
"attraction of youth to miner's work" ---- WHY? WHY? WHY? when MINUTE investment in encouraging outsourcing IT work to Ukraine which btw has been proven to be incredibly effective would afford young people higher paying jobs that would not kill them plus give them the opportunity and potential to turn Ukraine into an IT powerhourse (see Estonia's example.)

Why would anyone want to increase coal production? and why would any PM encourage this instead of working to clear the path so that mines could be shut down in future and open up other industries and opportunities?

Has Tymoshenko gone starkers???


Taras said...

Elmer, for one reason or another, mercury gets spilled all the time in Ukraine.

Luida, I only share her idea of raising wages. The rest of the story begs the questions you've already raised.

Why should we increase coal production? To pollute the air and generate more exportable electricity for a company that gets away with a $1,400 fine from the Antitrust Committee?

Anonymous said...

Off topic...I am a family was run out of the Ukraine 1920 ish....Lvov area...How best to find my relatives?

Taras said...

On this blog, Tymo is short for Tymoshenko.

While Tymo is a rare second name in Ukraine, Tymoshenko is very common. So are you Tymo or Tymoshenko?