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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ukraine Celebrates Christmas, Part 1 (Updated)

The country that exported “Carol of the Bells” to Western civilization celebrates Christmas on January 7.

Christianity, imported to Ukraine in 988 A.D. and oppressed for most of the 20th century, has produced a Christmas tradition very different from that of Western civilization.

The rough equivalent of the West’s much-commercialized Christmas can be witnessed here on New Year’s Day, a counter-tradition cultivated by the atheist Soviet government. (Mind the purchasing power gap.)

Z Rizdvom Khrystovym! Merry Christmas! Enjoy this wonderful collection of Ukrainian Christmas carols and links:

"Dobry Vechir Tobi" (Ukrainian Carol)

"Dobry Vechir Tobi" by Ruslana

"Shchedryk" ("Carol of the Bells") by a Ukrainian choir in San Francisco

"Nebo i Zemlya Nyni Torzhesvuyut"

Christmas in a Ukrainian village

"Tykha Nich" ("Silent Night")

Ukrainian Christmas Mass

Christmas Eve in the Ukrainian Diaspora

Vertep in a small Ukrainian village

Diaspora Ukrainians sing Christmas Carols

Ukrainian Caroling in Saskatoon

Ukrainian Christmas Carol accompanied by bandura

Another Ukrainian Carol

"Nadvori Rizdvo" by Bohdana Tkachuk and the ensemble Prolisok

"Narodyvsya Bog na Saniakh"


Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editor) said...

It's January 7th, 2008.


pumpernickel said...

Veseliiy Sviat i shchaslyvoho novoho roku. Khrystos Na Rodyvsya!

Taras said...

Dyakuyu! Thank you, guys:)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment Tara, and for putting all these videos together. I'm always interested in how the holidays are celebrated in each country. Great blog!

Taras said...

You are welcome, Steve! (Nestor the Chronicler is a cool nick;)

And my name is Taras, though:)