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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Chernovetsky Speaks

On learning Ukrainian:
Everyday, I will speak my native language [Ukrainian] better, and you will be witness to it. (April 14, 2006)

You won’t get me to speak Ukrainian. The law says I’m a free man. I don’t speak Ukrainian merely because I lose courage [when speaking Ukrainian]. When I learn to speak it very well, I will start speaking Ukrainian only. (June 8, 2006)

On money:
I spend very little money. I just don’t have anything to spend it on because I’m not that young a person.

On criticism:
I need criticism — it’s normal — but it should be constructive, and should not deceive. Lately, a court ruled out some 28 publications regarding my son.

On birthday celebrations:
How did I celebrate? I was going about town all day long: church service, remembrance ceremony. I became another victim of the Holodomor.

On traveling by metro:
About a month ago, I took a ride in the metro, and I will do it more often. I told my subordinates to go down to the metro and then report on the situation: what they liked and what they did not. Take Denys Bass [Deputy Mayor, 29], a boy from a well-to-do family. He has never been in the metro before, and now he’s seen it with his own eyes.

On the underprivileged:
In the old days, those who begged had their rear ends licked with sticks. But this is not humane. I suggest that we outlaw flea market trading in the metro.

On Tymoshenko:
If anyone is to be trusted, it’s me, not her. For people her age do not change.

On Kyiv’s wellbeing:
Everything is quiet in Kyiv. Everything is under control. And everyday, there’s more control from people who join my team. Kyiv’s international rating has risen and has hit a record high.

Did he refer to this rating?



elmer said...

This guy is a real looney tune.

To get over it, I listened to some Pink Martini.

It's a really great group, they've appeared all over the world.

I love their music.

This particular video is not theirs, but it seemed to suit the Martian particularly well.

Taras said...

Hahaha!:) Thanks for the vid! Just think about it: "Pink Martini feat. Kosmos." Sounds like a plan! They should do a couple of songs together.

Anonymous said...

you forgot the quote about world religions...

Taras said...

Good point! I’ll probably devote a separate post to it:)