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Friday, January 04, 2008

Russian Ambassador Can Tell Tymoshenko from Scarecrow

Narrator: The question was as follows: Will Tymoshenko not scare away the Russian investor?

Viktor Chernomyrdin, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine: Well, to me she doesn’t look like a scarecrow. Why paint her like that? At least, she always stated that…um…she understands it very well, and she herself was in business, and as a business person who knows about the economy…I don’t think she will [scare away the Russian investor].

Some diplomats have the merit of complimenting women in a rather unorthodox manner.

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Anonymous said...

What I would really like to understand is why Kremlin/Russophiles are actually making positive statements about Tymoshenko? Were they not bitter mortal enemies? Has truce been declared? or has the line been revised on the understanding that attacking Tymoshenko only adds to her appeal for the Ukrainian public? Is this the "new and revised spin" from Kremlin? Very interesting development and will be interesting to see if it brings desired results for Kremlin in pushing down her ratings. And will be interesting to see how Tymoshenko's people respond as it would decrease ratings for her in the West. (Remember how public opinion dropped for her after she visited Moscow after being fired as PM by Yushchenko?)It is interesting and I am wondering how much of it is 'smoke and mirrors' and how much is 'there's no smoke without fire'????


Taras said...

Maybe it’s because some Russians consider Tymoshenko to be less pro-Ukrainian and more NATO-neutral as opposed to Yushchenko. But this school of thought doesn’t have a lot of followers. Besides, Tymo has exhibited a strong anti-RosUkrEnergo drive.

Chernomyrdin is obviously trying to damn her with faint praise — in his own gentlemanly way, of course.