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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The End of Maidan, According to Shufrych

As the Orange kolkhoz grows ripe for divorce, the vultures are salivating, expecting to reap a huge harvest.

MP Nestor Shufrych, PRU: Somebody has to be held responsible for what’s happening in this country today. Let’s make a scapegoat out of someone, let’s sacrifice him and hide ourselves. I want to say that it’s not going to happen this way. It will start with Lutsenko and everybody will have to pay. But this will not merely be the end of the Orange team; it will also be the end of Maidan.

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Anonymous said...

From the PoR side Maidan is akin to Waterloo for the French. So no matter how disillusioned one can become post-OR, it should still be remembered that it was a success and did prevent Yanukovych from becoming President.


Taras said...

That’s exactly the memory that Shufrych wants to erase.