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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Meet the Mannequins 2: Hot Air From HAK

Hromadsky Aktyv Kyeva (HAK, spelled huck) can be translated as Civil Activists of Kyiv.

Masquerading as a group of ultra-modern activists, this Trojan Horse bombarded Kyiv with can-do brochures and stormed into the City Council in the March 2006 election. Having gained seven seats there, HAK joined the Chernovetsky-controlled majority. The public relations technique behind HAK: astroturfing.

In December 2006, Oleksandr Pabat, the HAK frontman, secured a land plot of 30 hectares (74 acres), ostensibly for a street racing track. From then on HAK, would assume a low profile. Until this snap election.

Back from hibernation, HAK celebrates its activist record, and calibrates its criticism of Chernovetsky’s rule.

Let’s try to follow the rhyme and ruse behind HAK.

Where parks once flourished, they now park cars polished! Politicians, enough plundering Kyiv! Hromadsky Aktyv Kyeva.

Comment: In a talk show with Dmytro Korchynsky, street racer Pabat recently confessed to owning several cars, including a 1985 Maserati.

Politicians forgot that we are people! We have to remind them which side their bread is buttered on! Hromadsky Aktyv Kyeva.

Comment: What a terrific reminder ad, considering HAK’s performance in the City Council and Pabat’s positioning of himself as a non-politician.

Kyiv will reign in politicians! Oleksandr Pabat. For Kyiv’s freedom! for Kyiv’s fortune! A candidate from Hromadsky Aktyv Kyeva.

Comment: So here we are. Pabat is an anti-politician, a hyper-hippie. He’s the man! Pabat’s gonna get them! But wait a minute. Isn’t he one of them?

And by the way, doesn’t this ad remind you of the Kostenko-Plyushch Bloc campaign?

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