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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kyiv in Colors 4
A Trip to Kyiv City Elections 2008

Enjoy this longitudinal report!

Part I

May 4-May 7

There's garbage on the streets because there's garbage in politics
[I can't help but agree with this self-evaluation.]

The prices are growing, the anger is rising!
Incompetent politicians, resign!
[Amen to that!]

The Kyiv municipal administration guarantees: two modern stadiums in Obolon. Already in 2008!

Some dark horse from the Agrarian Party

Balcony advertising

Election Village on Obolon's main square

Skhid i zakhid razom!

Kyiv needs an honest mayor!

Election Village, again

Kontraktova Ploshcha [Square]
Pretty close, aren't they?

Hetman Sahaidachny Monument


City Hall: Will they make it?

Central Department Store: Will the cross-bundling work?

Besarabsky Market

Vasyl Horbal, the New Mayor

War and peace: Leo Tolstoy Station

Nice rope, isn't it?

Love that perspective! If BYuT breaks Ukraine's heart, there will be enough room in that cage for both of them.

Katerynchuk activists using a strange-looking J-shaped flag
Didn't they use such devices for air conditioning in ancient Egypt?

Lutsenko: For a Corruption-Free Kyiv!

From Kyiv With Love

More balcony BYuT

May 9 (Victory Day)

Party of Regions: Kyivites' prosperty without scandals and scuffles

May 11 (Europe Day)

Obolon's Election Village, again

Laskovy Mai "Beliye rozy," a major local hit of the late 80s-early 90s

Party of Regions: Vote for your own kind!

Perhaps you've already seen these.
As I said, too much paper. And too much stabilnist talk.

May 12

Vasyl Horbal, Party of Regions

Lutsenko, BYuT, HAK

I'm voting for the Leonid Chernovetsky Bloc!

Riverfront Obolon
Politics in every nook and cranny

BYuT beats Chernoco 3-2

May 14

Vasyl Horabal, the new mayor
Archbishop Pavlo of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Moscow Patriarchate) doesn't shun politics. Initially, he intended to run with the Communist Party. He then converted to the Party of Religions...uh...Regions.
Why not? After all, it's people like Pavlo who make religion the opium of the people.

The score still holds!

May 15

The team that will change Kyiv for the better!

Viktor Pylypyshyn of the Lytvyn Bloc: Kids First!

No comments

Downtrodden and battle-scarred

Chernovetsky Bloc: New metro lines for Teremky and Troyeshchna!
[How about a one-way ticket to Mars?]

Not all people know how to fix them

BYuT beats Chernoco 3-1

Anybody home upstairs?

Round draw

Kyiv needs Mayor Klychko!

Election Village

The rap song is hilarious, and so is the exhibit!

The only Commie balcony I've seen

[no more Martian law!]


Marta Salazar said...


I want to visit Kyiv!

Anonymous said...

Taras, u r the greatest - there is NOTHING like pics and vid :)))))))

esp. as it incl. so many familiar places. :)))))

U just don't know.


PS in the meantime, I want BYuT to win, and hope 4 the best.

Taras said...

Bienvenido a Kyiv!

No te pierdas las secuelas:)!

Thank you, Luida! You are welcome! And don't miss the sequels:)!