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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chernovetsky Urges Bipartisan Cooperation

Mayor Re-Elect Chernovetsky, speaking in Russian: I’m an ethnic Ukrainian. I was born here. It was here that my children and my four grandchildren were born, and at the same time I categorically oppose further division…uh…of power into Oranges and…uh…parties of other colors. This is not right. It’s against the population of Ukraine. Because it is…uh…not fair. Today, they should be united…uh…so that they could tackle humanitarian issues and show more kindness.

Undoubtedly, those “other parties,” as well as some Orange splinter groups, would love the idea of “tackling humanitarian issues” in a shyrka blockbuster

Well, maybe we should give Yanukovych an Oscar for mastering conversational Ukrainian, something Chernovetsky has abstained from.

On a lighter note, this, this and this goes out to our beloved leaders, who split the vote, and to losers like me, who once had thought we could make it.

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elmer said...

Any time someone starts talking to me about "fairness" and "justice," I hold on to my wallet and run the other way.

Because I don't know what that is.

Now, if he's talking about bipartisan cooperation for continued land grabitization and corruption for his benefit, and the benefit of a few cronies - I can evaluate that, and accept it or reject it.

"engage in humanitarian and kind works" - is that the function of government?

It sounds like the old sovok slogan which the sovoks taught their Olympic athletes to do, complete with rhisorius (the muscles in the fact, and code for "shit-eating") grins:

мир всем, привет всем

"peace to all, greetings to all" (now wave a little wristy wave, and smile a rhisorius smile).

Cherno seems to be borrowing his calls for "bi-partisanship" from Barrack Obama.

But in the US, calls for bipartisanship don't include calls for land grabitization and better corruption for the benefit of one individual and a few cronies.

PS Taras, you are not a loser.

The losers are the buckwits who voted for Cherno's continued corruption, all for the sake of a few bucks in return for selling their votes and their futures, and the futures of their kids.

Maybe the City Council can keep Cherno and his crony thugs in check. After all, on a combined basis, BYuT and Klichko got more of the Kyiv City Council vote than did the Martian space cadet cosmonaut, Cherno.

Ukrainian, indeed - a mayor of Kyiv who can't and won't speak Ukrainian! Who's he trying to kid?

As Judge Judy says, "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!!"

Anonymous said...

ChernoCo ran an excellent campaign and was willing to use every resource to win. As one political expert pointed out that the losers in the race had not even started the process to challenge the results and this will hinder any effort to have the results invalidated and was indicative of how they ran their campaigns and why they lost. What's that saying about beat them, beat them and did not beat them enough?


Taras said...

Elmer, I am a loser and I know it. When you’re in the same boat with people used as election torpedoes, you lose too.

These people rob their kids and grandkids of playgrounds, parks, affordable housing — and that’s the "humanitarian" policy. It’s also crystal clear that the opposition’s ego-driven balkanization catalyzed Chernoco’s triumph.

Loose egos cause vertigo. Buckwits score hits.

Luida, the losers at the top got what they deserved, didn’t they? May this serve as a wakeup call to them!

elmer said...

So, Taras:

How do you fight corruption when the people vote FOR a guy who is corrupt?

As Tymoshenko said, Cherno "invested" a few pennies (handouts to voters in various forms), and gets a return on "investment" of BILLIONS.

He lines his pockets - and the buckwits, and their kids, get even poorer.

How do you fight corruption, when the people vote FOR it?

Taras said...

You’re right, fighting corruption can be hard when corruption feeds people with buckwheat to fight each other.

Buckwits act as a weapon of mass destruction. They annihilate their children’s and grandchilren’s playgrounds and parks, and make affordable housing an oxymoron. They couldn’t care less.

Every penny invested in buckwits guarantees a pound’s worth of power. Money brings power, power brings money. How’s that for a humanitarian policy?