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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kyiv in Colors 4
A Trip to Kyiv City Elections 2008

Here's another shipment.

Part II

May 17

The Omelchenko Bloc experiments with The Motherland Calls! WW II poster
More hot air from HAK at the background

Based on my balcony polls, Obolon will break for BYuT.

Election Village at Heroyiv Dnipra Station

Never too far?

The quest for the lesser evil can quite a headache.
I'm sure Hryhoriy Skovoroda, cast in stone, would agree.

The little-known Agrarian Party camps outside the Podil branch of the National Bank

Take it like a man!

What a thought-provoking placement!

That scene makes for a high-credibility ad!

See those handouts?

Kyrpa's Bridge

Isn't she lovely?

The Unification Ark built in honor of the Pereyaslav Treaty

Hug Horbal and Co

Some sports event was held at Maidan

Kick Kosmos

I didn't put him there.

The Lytvyn Bloc: Kids First!

HAK putting a show, slaying dragons and delivering damsels in distress

People just love HAK

Checking Chernoco

Taras Shevchenko Monument

Taras Shevchenko National University, a hangout for Kuchma courtesy of Yushchenko

Make no mistake, I won't keep mum, I won't let them steal!
Kyiv will win if Brodsky makes it to the City Council
[Take a hike!]

Who did this to "poor" Pylypyshyn?

May 18

Wanna be where the voters are? Try beating BYuT!

A Lutsenko rally announcement

Yevhen Nishchuk
This guy ran the stage at Maidan

Maria Burmaka "Chroni chereshni" ("Sweet Black Cherries")

Maria Burmaka "Ne Biysya" ("Don't Fear"), an Orange Revolution song

Lutsenko grabs the mike, blasts Chernovetsy, land grabs, immunity from prosecution.
Note how NUNS has replaced its 2007 campaign slogan "one law for all" with "law and justice."

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