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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chernovetsky: You Want It, You Got It!

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky: I have information, with a 100 percent degree of certainty, that BYuT wants to sabotage the elections. But they wanted this battle, they wanted to have elections, and they must get them. And today I’m a bigger supporter of elections than any other political party in Ukraine — of mayoral elections, that is.

In other words, $->votes->х->$->y->vote$?



elmer said...

He is smirking as he says it! And he has his little flunky standing right beside him, with very shifty and fidgety eyes.

What a pair!

And what a blatantly corrupt reminder to the people, as you note in your comment, Taras.

He's reminding the people that he pays for more votes than anyone else.

Why? So he can get back into government and steal even more land.

Sick. Disgusting.

jfmarcelo said...

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Marta Salazar said...

Dear Taras!

Congratulations on the entry into the WTO!

have a happy weekend!

Taras said...

Elmer, now that he’s learned the business, he’s confident about winning another inventory cycle, isn’t he?

¡Hola Marcelo! Gracias por visitar mi blog! Sus blogs son una multi-volumen enciclopedia personal. ¡Las fotografías son magníficas!

¡Saludos desde Ucrania!

¡Muchas gracias querida Marta! Espero que el comercio libre y justo impulsará la competitividad de Ucrania.

¡Un abrazo muy fuerte!

elmer said...

Notwithstanding the attraction of Chernovetsky paying voters with money or bags of food for their votes -

I am still wondering why people in Kyiv would vote for him.

All it gets you is more corruption.

And a continuation of the vicious cycle.

If he is voted into office, then the voters of Kyiv have only themselves to blame when he resumes his land grabitization and worse.

Taras said...

It works like drug addiction. You know it's killing you, but you just can't stop.