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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Anti-Tymo Spoof

Watch an ad that makes a mockery of a cryptic BYuT commercial aired in the fall 2007 parliamentary campaign. I first saw this masterpiece a few days ago on TRK Kyiv, the mouthpiece of incumbent Mayor Chernovetsky.

Don’t get lost in my translation:)

Spoof Ad

Michelle Nostradmaus, Prophecy 2008
The Dame you enthroned the people shall depose
Branding her for cause
Freedom, untaintedness, safety
Never again will the plague of lies stink
The people shall overcome
And make it extinct

Original Ad

Michelle Nostradamus, Prophecy 2007

The Dame will gain power without any quarrel
Freedom, untaintedness, safety and so
The plague of foul words shall have no more explosions
Without any war she will bring it to closure

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