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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

FEMEN Gives Shufrych an Earful on 'Shuster Live'

FEMEN knows how to grab attention.

The self-styled Kyiv-based activist group has been around for a while, professing feminism and protesting against sex tourism, human trafficking, prostitution, flu mask-mania and sexual harassment.

Actually, when it comes to FEMEN, I prefer the term shocktivist.

One of their latest public protests had them acting out near-pornographic scenes: scantily dressed female college students harassed by sex-for-grades college professors.

Naturally, the pornified event didn’t go unnoticed. Outside the Ministry of Education building, in front of the cameras, the deputy minister promised them to look into the problem.

They have a busy schedule. Their latest television appearance saw them on “Shuster Live,” a popular political talk show.

Watch the vinok-clad FEMEN shocktivist steal the show.

“Don’t believe these liars!” shouts the lady and hastily wraps up her sign out of everyone's sight. “Ukraine is not a brothel!” reads her T-shirt.

Unlike Michaele Salahi, this lady doesn’t look like she came uninvited. It’s amazing how Savik Shuster grabs her by the waist and doesn’t get slapped in the face.

MP Nestor Shufrych (PRU) had a lot of nerve parking his sorry ass on “Shuster Live” — with a suitcase full of broken promises. Namely, he forgot to follow through on his Oct. 2 promise to pass legislation “on Tuesday” [Oct. 6] that would have criminalized pimps and clients.

Frankly, I don’t see a single civilized country that has managed to ban prostitution (as opposed to having reduced or regulated it). Nor do I always see FEMEN acting in protest-oriented (as opposed to publicity-oriented) ways. But I do support their drive for accountability.

Holding politicians to their promises is what we must do. Love that “Fucking Hell” T-shirt (0:58-1:00)!

It’s about time we gave them the fucking hell they deserve.

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elmer said...

I was wondering when you would get around to posting the Shuster show, with the Femen outburst.

The girl, of course, is right.

But here's what got me - she stood right in front of Shufrych, the putrid punk - and he did not know what to do.

After she left, Savik Shuster, the host, half-apologized for the lax security, attributing it to "young, inexperienced people on his staff."

What is even more telling is the after-reaction of the assorted politicians. Shufrych, the putrid government punk who got an earful, was outraged that a member of parliament would be treated that way (no respect). He is from the Party of Regions, the sovok-dinosaur-political-machine-party.

A couple others took the same attitude.

It is the sovok attitude - citizens are not to be heard, they are simply there to sit down, shut up, and worship people in government - and whatever people in government do. People in govt. are not to be questioned, on pain of arrest and even death. The sovok attitude.

I must say - Savik's show is getting better and better and better (not because of this Femen outburst), despite the long-windedness of Ukrainians. The discussion is getting more and more to the point, more open and free, and the co-hosts like Mustafa Nayem and the hi-tech guy who rolls all the videos (to make sure that politicians don't lie) are getting sharper and sharper.

Savik also has an interesting format - he has a "bank" of time, which is allotted, in part, based on audience voting for the persons that they want to hear more from.

What I don't get is the "Euro girl" who arrives near the end of the show when Savik says "I want Euro."

Unknown said...

On the Eurovision Song contest your singer Svetlana Loboda was also a kind of fighter for female rights, and her performance was kind of erotic as well. I liked it anyway. :D

elmer said...

I think that Dec 1, 2009 is a watershed for the Savik Shuster show.

On a very recent show, the "young generation" discussed several issues.

And Petro, the high-tech guy with all the newsclip videos came through again!

Tymoshenko went to Lviv to deliver some big bucks for new construction for the airport in Lviv.

Petro showed the news clip.

What was the discussion?

That Tymoshenko wasn't carrying her own money to Lviv - and obviously, she's spreading a bit of money around in Western Ukraine ahead of the presidential vote.

It's not unusual for politicians to spread some money around via budgetary laws, etc., ahead of elections.

But Ukraine has a serious budget deficit, and serious systemic problems - notably, a truly sick system of government, with tons of corruption.

Where did she get the money? And, as Taras has posted before, why were the public bids to construct the new airport, etc. in Lviv cancelled a while back - by Tymoshenko?

Savik's show is getting better and better and better, I think.

Taras said...


I only watched a few minutes of “Shuster Live” before switching to “Svoboda on Inter.”

In just one TV appearance, Tymoshenko surpassed everything J. K. Rowling has written so far:)


Frankly, I’m not a big fan of Loboda. (Ditto Serduchka.)

Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” remains my favorite Ukrainian entry on Eurovision:)

elmer said...

I saw the Big Politics show on Inter, with Yulia claiming that she knows nothing about her husband's "modest" business, and even going so far as to have a female reporter lift the label on the back of her dress so that everyone could see that it was a "modestly priced" dress by a Ukrainian designer, and not a Luis Vuitton.

But how is it that, as Ukrainian Pravda has reported and shown by pictures, that she can live in a huge mansion complex near Kyiv?

It also highlights one of the problems with Ukraine's campaign laws - there is no disclosure requirement regarding personal assets and wealth, and no disclosure requirement regarding contributions, and most importantly - no limits on contributions.

Sooo - the oligarchs buy up politicians.

Of course, Julia claims that her oligarchs have "no influence" politically whatsoever. Gee - what a bunch of saints!!!

I expected much more from her - she has talked about such lofty goals and high standards, that it was a real disappointment to see her go into her dodging and weaving act.

And the journalists, including Kiselyov, did a piss poor job of asking her questions and holding her feet to the fire.

She uses the old sovok "talk 'em to death" technique, which is easy enough to counter.

In contrast, here is the Federal Election Commission web site, where campaign contributions AND expenditures are available for review:

There are also citizen watchdog groups who monitor the candidates.