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Monday, December 28, 2009

Medvedev Wants Ukraine to ‘Make the Right Choice’

If you’re a sovereign nation that neighbors Russia, you can count on a biiiiig Christmas wish list!

Q: Who is our Russian candidate in...uh…the course of this presidential campaign in Ukraine, if anyone?

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev:’s probably Viktor Andreyevich* Yushchenko, if we proceed from the notion that the bul...the bulk on the Ukrainian subject coming from me...from me were in connection with the actions of the incumbent president. On a serious note, Russia certainly doesn’t have and cannot have its own candidates there. Uh...Ukraine is a self-reliant state, a sovereign state, where the president will be determined by the people. And I’m confident that they are capable of sorting through both the political declarations and the course of the difficult political struggle that’s going on there — they almost have twenty candidates there, I think. In summary, the one thing I would very much want is that the next...president of Ukraine — and we naturally will accept any choice of the Ukrainian people (it’s evident, it’s a norm of international law) — would be inclined toward good, cordial — brotherly, if you will — relations with our country: that the Russian language would out of harm’s way, so that bilateral contacts would be allowed to develop, so that our joint economic projects would develop, so that there wouldn’t be this strange kind of yearning to dive into some foreign military bloc that...uh...will unnerve a large number of people. I’d want this kind of partnership. And I...I very much want — I’m pretty much counting on it — that the Ukrainians make the right choice.

*Patronymic transliterated from Russian

Indeed, for Russia, it’s a tough call.

Tymoshenko: supports Russia v. Georgia, consorts with Yanukovych, signs a whorrible gas deal, and giggles at Putin’s jokes.

Yanukovych: attends United Russia events, dumps Tymoshenko, promises to make Russian a second official language, but abwhores the gas deal.

Anyway, here’s the Kremlin's “right choice” in 2004.

Starring: Kuchma,
Putin, Yanukovych (as Kuchma’s heir), Medvedev (as Putin’s chief of staff), and Medvedchuk (as Kuchma’s chief of staff). A friend of Medvedev, Medvedchuk now backs Tymoshenko.

As you can see, Medvedev doesn't always behave like an elitist. Unlike Putin.

Whether it’s Candyman or White Tigress, all is grist to the Kremlin mill in 2010.

All except maybe Yushchenko, who has a windmill of his own and denies striking a power-sharing (Ya prez/Yu PM) deal with Yanukovych.

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Unknown said...

Well, Hungary has developing relations with Russia, despite it has been traditionally good usually, but Russians do not intervene to our politics and we are not much further than Ukraine from their point of view. Despite we joined EU and NATO, we show some reluctance to assimilate to EU trends. Some parties even think that we should disjoin the EU.

Taras said...

Well, you’re lucky to be a NATO member and to have a buffer country like Ukraine between you and Russia. Believe me, it makes a lot of difference:)

Boldog Új Évet! Happy New Year! З Новим Роком!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year to You to! Well, I have to add that our new Prime Minister-to-be-probably attended Putin just in case.