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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yanukovych: ‘I Wasn’t Trained as an Artist’

How does Tymoshenko debate with a shy guy like this?

Presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych: I wasn’t trained as an artist. Therefore, compe-competing...with this profession is something I won’t do. As a matter of principle. It’s not my profession.

Yes, it is. Always has been, always will be. You’re both artists. She just happens to be a better one.

She says her hubby runs a small business, yet she doesn’t even know the company’s name. When she comes home, he’s already asleep. When she goes to work, he’s still asleep. You know the story.

Now what’s your story?

On your tax returns, you say you sold a 140 sqm Kyiv apartment for Hr. 2,674,910 in 2008 — to buy that Mezhyhirya property (339 acres).

But the sales agreement says you actually sold a 384 sqm apartment — for Hr. 33,416,350 (about $7M in ‘08) — to MP Serhiy Klyuyev, a fellow Regionalist.

Moreover, it says you had obtained that apartment as a gift.

Ain’t that art?

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elmer said...

I saw this, and this has got to be the lamest excuse ever not to engage in presidential debates!!!!

He would have been better off saying "my toe hurts," or "I have to wash my hair", or I have to mow the grass at my 400 acre estate that I don't own except through nominee corporations, including a fishing club, but that I live at and was given to me with Yushchnko's help."

He was obviously intending to be dismissive of Tymo.

But if that's the case, if he had the cojones to stand up in a presidential debate, then he should be able to demonstrate clearly and convincingly to the people in such a debate that Tymo is merely an actress.

I don't know of any truly democratic country where a presidential candidate has refused to participate in debates, and answer questions.

It's expected, and the failure to debate is held against the candidate.

The debates obviously demonstrate whether the candidate is capable of standing a test under fire, and handling the office of president.

What sane person would vote for a candidate that - 1) refuses to debate, 2)has 2 convictions, one for assault and battery, one for rape, and 3) participated in falsifying presidential elections?

Well, in Ukraine, where people don't think or think bass ackwards, they would do that, according to the poll ratings.

If anyone votes for Yanuk, they get more of the same - a corrupt oligarchy.

If the people elect Yanuk, they deserve what they get - nothing, except exploding mines, and offshore accounts in Cyprus and Israel and Switzerland that belong to oligarchs.

Yanuk must be handing out a lot of money to voters.

Unknown said...

Well, our Prime Minister is a quite calm guy too. Usually we elect people with character but he was appointed as a kind of Crisis Handler Prime Minister and his character average, but he shows up some results. However he said he wouldn't be a PM after the elections (next spring) and the strangest thing is that it seems he kept his word.

alan said...

Arist's, BS that is, there never seems to be a shortage of them, there or here.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is irresistible Taras. Keep up the good work.

Srebrenica Genocide said...

"She says her hubby runs a small business, yet she doesn’t even know the company’s name. When she comes home, he’s already asleep. When she goes to work, he’s still asleep. "

It's obvious that her marriage is in ruins. She needs to wake him up with a glass of cold water and remind him they are married.

Taras said...


In a presidential debate, Tymoshenko would out-artist him. That’s all he was trying to say.


I remember that video you sent me! Judging by how your country is recovering, your PMs keep their promises more often than ours.


You do have your own prominent artists! Luckily for America, your artists have fewer rights at home. I guess they’d love to trade places with our artists.

Your artists perform globally. Ours perform locally.


Thank you! I will:)


That’s a good idea! She probably needs someone more energetic and responsive.

elmer said...

I am sitting here absolutely dumbfounded.

On the Savik Shuster show, a homo sovieticus from the Party of Regions showed up to say that there need not be any presidential candidate debates, and certainly not with the participation of the "proffesor" - Yanukovych.

In other words, he should just show up in Odessa and other cities, tell the people what pretty girls they have, sing a few songs, and leave it at that.

Olena молотила па русской і па совєтськойє

In other countries, there is no question that the candidates debate each other - for example, in the US, the presidential candidates debate each other during the so-called primary elections, and then in the main election.

I am glad that there are people on the Savik Shuster show who have some sense and intelligence.

Bondarenko is definitely NOT one of them.

elmer said...

One more thing - the Savik Shuster show is getting better and better and better.

But there is one absolutely very, very irritating thing about the show, and it's partly Savik's fault - on these political talk shows, people talk at and over each other at the same time, so it's really hard to listen and understand what people are saying.

Political talk show hosts in other countries have learned how to control that, so that one person talks at a time.

On Savik's show, the discussions are free and open - but when a sovok bombast like Bondarenko starts butting in and bombasting and fillibustering so that noone can get a word in edgewise, all you hear is loud commotion and babble.

Tymoshenko is also a practitioner of bombast and not letting anyone else get a word in edgewise.

Savik and his current crew - Petro, Mustafa, Vinnytsky and the woman (sorry, forgot her name) are really excellent.

But - geez - something's got to be done about the sovok bombasts stepping and talking over everyone else.

Of course, Yanuk doesn't have to worry about it - his handlers are keeping the "proFFesor" under wraps.