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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Battle of the Billboards 2009

They're everywhere. They want our votes.

Pace yourself by clicking II and then -> or <-.

Anywhere you go, they'll follow you down...


Ukrainian Canadian said...

I really like your new photo album, now I just have to show you how to create a YouTube playlist ;)

elmer said...

On the billboard, the phrase "ми зробили" (we did it) would better read "ми наробили" (we did it in our pants).

They did it in their pants and all over Ukraine.

And now they're trying to make you think that the pile of manure they dumped all over Ukraine is actually a bunch of flowers.

Taras said...


I'm making progress, ain't I:)?

There are 3 things I don’t like about this slideshow:

1. Too fast
2. No hyperlinks in captions
3. Not searchable by Google Images

Which is why I’ll probably switch back to my old-fashioned mode next time. Good idea about YouTube playlists tho!:)


One can find a lot of catchy за/на****али/или substitutes:)

As one spoof has it, “Ми забили!” (“We quit!” — a calque from Rus. забить).

Yushchenko billboards say “Ми здобули!” I translated it as “We did it!” (cliche) instead of “We gained!” (word-for-word).

Ropi said...

Well, I heard that Ukraine is a lot behind with the Euro 2012 project.

Bravecat said...

Taras, what does YU1YA1 stand for? I am a bit out of touch...

Oh and I managed to login finally.

Taras said...

Ю1Я1 is a portmanteau of Юлія (Yulia) and H1N1.

Taras said...

Wait, according to
this interview with Yatsenyuk, it's a bit different: Ю refers to Yulia/Yushchenko, Я refers to Yanukovych.