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Friday, December 18, 2009

Yushchenko: ‘Obviously, I'll Win’

Against all odds — and opinion polls — he says he’ll win.

Incumbent President Yushchenko: Obviously, I'll win. [applause] Obviously. And...and I want to explain why. Because there’s you. And there are millions of people like you — millions in this country — who understand why tomorrow, over Ukrainian soil, the sun should rise.

If you follow the sausage, you will lose both freedom and the sausage. If you follow freedom, you will gain both the sausage and independence.

In other words, he promises fishing rods to his voters so they can catch fish themselves. And then he turns a blind eye to a bunch of poachers who use fishnets, electroshockers and explosives.

It’s the same guy who takes the high moral road and talks patriotism every time somebody questions his behavior.

ATV Reporter: Viktor Andriyovych, could you...could you please tell us: Is this a working visit or a campaign event?

Incumbent President Yushchenko: A working visit.

ATV Reporter: With elements of campaigning?

Yushchenko: A working visit, young man. A working visit. You have a Ukrainian cap! A working visit.

ATV is the #1 Ukrainophobic channel in Ukraine. Everybody knows that. So when Yushchenko equates Tymoshenko with Yanukovych, how does he set himself apart?

By letting Yanukovych grabitize Mezhyhirya — a 339-acre property — in exchange for favors?

By imitating Tymoshenko, who flew to an EPP convention — using a government jet and tax hryvnias — and then requested tax euros for royal pageantry?

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Anonymous said...

He is different nonetheless. Neither Yanuk or Tym could care less in which direction Ukraine moves. They'll use any trick and any means to stay in power including curtailing fair elections and freedom of speech. Yush has upheld a certain direction consistently not only in speech but also using his power of veto and abiding by the freedom of the press and ensuring fair eletions even when they've been to his disadvantage. Where he overruns boundaries by a meter they do it by a kilometer.

Ivan said...

He just want to repeat what Mr. Yeltsin did, once having had no support whatsoever :)

Taras said...


You do have a point there!

He could market himself under the “best of the worst” brand — if only he didn’t behave like his own worst enemy.

He’s doing too little too late.

He will never win by being hypercritical about his rivals and hypocritical about himself. He doesn’t stand a chance unless he fulfills one of his major ‘04 campaign promises.

Jailing a bunch of high-profile thugs on New Year’s Eve would be good.

Too good to be true.


Yushchenko doesn’t seem to be poised for a Yeltsin ‘96-style reelection:)

Last, but definitely not least, we should give him credit for being less hawkish on Parliament.