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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yanukovych Promises to Punish His Woman Beaters

No, Shufrych didn’t do it. Some other fellas did.

Woman: Yatsenko Lyudmyla Stepanivna here. Mr. Yanukovych, I’m that woman who, 5 years ago, came showing you a League of Bila Tserkva Entrepreneurs pin and was asking for sound legislation. For that pin, your teammates at the time — when you lost in the first round — would pound me with their feet. They [later] switched to a different party...

Yanukovych: I’d like to ask you — I’d very much like to ask you — to name publicly the names of those who dared touch a woman — those fellow party members of mine, as you put it. Please name them. I really want...the names of the specific people who laid a finger on you.

Woman: I don’t know how I’m going to live in Bila Tserkva [if I name them]. [applause]

Yanukovych: Well, in that that case, leave your number and address. As early as tomorrow morning — tomorrow morning — you’ll have my...[nods his head]...people come to whom...who will hook you up with me on the phone. And please supply all the papers. We will deal with it. On these issues, I’m telling you, I’m a man of principle...OK? There will be a definite response — a definite one — you can count on it. I don’t know any tough guys in Bila Tserkva whom we won’t find. [applause]

It’s hard to translate Yanukese. We're dealing with a high-context, Freudian-slippery, slang-infested dialect.

Original: имена, людей, которые вас конкретно тронул пальцем
My translation: the names of the people who specifically laid a finger on you
Comment: конкретно (konkretno), as in чисто конкретно can be translated as absotively posilutely, no shit, etc

Original: которые свяжут вас со мной
My translation: who will hook you up with me
Comment: связать (svyazat) also means to tie somebody up

Meet another man of principle from the Party of Regions: MP Oleh Kalashnikov (no pun intended). This man, a then-MP, attacked reporters in 2006.

After a 3-year exile, he now appears to have been pardoned by the Party of Regions top brass, not to mention the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Z Novym Rokom! Happy New Year!

The year of the White Tiger, as some call it.

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Sublime Oblivion said...

I think you're being paranoid. конкретно and свяжут вас are perfectly everyday Russian expressions and you certainly don't need to be a mafioso to use them.

Taras said...

I'm nowhere as paranoid as that woman.

Wait, do Russian American supporters of Obama or McCain конкретно beat up women these days?

If you hear “к вам придут мои...[многообещающий кивок головой]...люди, которые свяжут вас со мной по телефону” on a regular basis, you’re a brave guy.