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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tymoshenko Explains Putin’s Jokes, Her Laughs

Putin says he doesn't support her. She says she didn’t support Putin’s humor.

Reporter: You didn’t respond to Putin when he offended our president. Any regrets?
Tymoshenko [full uninterrupted quote]: Dear friends, how did he offend anyone? I don’t get it. You know, I’ll tell you what. All politicians — no matter what country they live in — they have their own relations. Always. Those are absolutely the same people as any others. And when politicians have sympathies or antipathies, one way or the other, it gets vented from them. It gets vend...vented from Viktor Andriyovych [Yushchenko], it gets vented from Putin, it gets vented from me. But I want to tell you that I never associate — never — a politician with the country. The country is a different animal. And as for the conversation with Putin and the press conference, to be honest, it wasn’t his words I was entertained by. And if you remember, I said a different thing. I said that, as a woman, I sometimes feel like eating my tie, but, thank God, I don’t have one. Hahaha!


Of course, she wasn’t laughing at Putin’s jokes. You can re-read her chuckle-fest, chapter and verse.

Of course, she never equated herself with Ukraine. Never! Not even in her “They’re talking. She’s working./She’s working. She’s Ukraine!” slogans!

She never spent a dime of IMF money except on the economy. She never had any oligarchs in her party. She can honestly explain everything, can’t she?

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elmer said...

She has employed the "art" of defining away everything.

No oligarchs in her party because, according to her "definition," they are just a focus group - they are not actually in power.

She wasn't giggling at Putin's put-down of Ukriane's president - she was giggling about the fact that she doesn't have a tie.

Raising gas prices? Not one kopek - when she's talking to voters.

But when she and the Ukrainian government are talking to the IMF - oh, yes, we will reform the gas sector.

I wonder why on earth she bothered to hire the Blackstone Group at about $16 million a year - they were supposed to "help" the Ukrainian government in dealing with the IMF.

Now the IMF walked away, because they got sick and tired of Ukrainian lies.

Tee-hee, giggle, giggle, ha, ha, ha, tee-hee.

Ropi said...

You know in Hungary the public harshly criticised an opposition politician who criticised our PM in front of a foreign politician because he showed the lack of unity and he damaged the authority of one of the leaders of the country.

Taras said...


Thank God, the IMF chose to hold its horses. In 2010, Ukraine’s debt servicing costs will amount to its defense, healthcare and education spending combined.

Another few billion dollars diverted into oligarchs banks and campaign coffers would hardly improve the IMF’s reputation.


That opposition politician was clearly out of line.

I can’t imagine François Fillon criticizing Nicolas Sarkozy in front of Barack Obama.

If Obama met with Fillon and made a public joke about Sarkozy, a huge scandal would erupt.