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Friday, December 11, 2009

Yushchenko, Lutsenko Trade Barbs on Corruption

How do they fight corruption in China (CPI: #79)? Capital punishment.

How do they fight corruption in Indonesia (CPI: #111)? Protests.

How do they fight corruption Ukraine (CPI: #146)? Words.


  • Yushchenko calls Lutsenko and other law enforcement chiefs “accomplices”;
  • Lutsenko calls the allegation “unfair” and walks out the door;
  • Yushchenko cites Lutsenko’s unsolved/closed cases;
  • Lutsenko cites Yushchenko's cronyism/cover-ups;
  • Yushchenko calls for a probe into BYuT’s election employee incentives;
  • Lutsenko pulls Yushchenko’s portrait from his office wall;
  • Yushchenko asks Tymoshenko to fire Lutsenko.

That’s all, folks!

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Ropi said...

Well, Hungary is 46th on this list, but we used to be around the 25th place so it is quite disappointing.

elmer said...

These are desparate times for Yushchenko. And desparate times call for desparate measures.

So why not lash out at ministers, while the cameras are rolling, about corruption, to show how tough you are, and how you are not to blame for corruption?

The problem is - where the hell was Yushchenko for 5 years, except licking Firtah's butt, and giving Mezhihirya, the 400-acre estate, to Yanukovych, and giving away other property to cronies and friends?

And if he's going to give the ministers a public spanking, why not get into some specifics?

This was just really nasty, poor gamesmanship for political purposes on Yushchenko's part.

It won't bring him back from the politically dead.

Taras said...


Can you keep up with Ukraine:)?


Yushchenko behaves like he’s been ice-cubed during the last 5 years.

elmer said...

Well, guess what? Savik's weekly 3-hour marathon show was devoted to whether Lutsenko is working, and Lutsenko's walk-out on Yushchenko's tongue-lashing of all the bad, bad ministers.

And there they were - the "political elite" (most of the guests were from the "political elite") with the long knives out, ready to feast on Lutsenko's flesh and drink his blood.

Except for Lutsenko, it was an ugly, ugly show.

There was the the Putrid Punk, Nestor Shufrych, full of BS as usual. He didn't quite know how to respond when Lutsenko reminded Shufrych that Shufrych had brutally beat his wife, and then hid behind parliamentary immunity.

There was the Cackling Hag, Hanna Herman, from the Party of Regions, chortling and giggling away in smug form about how Lutsenko had "insulted the government" by walking out on Yushchenko's asinine tongue-lashing.

There was Bombastic Boogooslovska, who accused Lutsenko of not knowing anything about anything.

Boogooslovska reminds me of the saying: "often wrong, never in doubt."

Sooo - the program was supposed to be about Lutsenko and his walk-out - which, of course, was the correct thing to do. Even Stalin murdered his victims secretly - well, except for show trials and the gulags.

The discussion soon centered around the factions that wanted Lutsenko's blood, and those that did not.

It is obvious that they thought of Lutsenko as a political football in the struggle between the Yushchenko-Yanukovych team - yes, team - and the Iron Princess Tymo faction.

You kill one of my ministers, and I kill one of yours.

Ukraine has a million problems. So what does Putrid Punk Shufrych want to see? He wants to see GERMAN records about Lutseno's airport incident in Frankfurt.

Never mind about the Party of Regions stealing land left and right. Never mind about bad roads, corrupt judges, a huge budget deficit, preparing for Euro-2012, inability to pay pensions. By God, little ass backwards Shufrych is going to get hold of GERMAN records, come hell or high water - after all, Shufrych, the little snake, thinks that's what will help Ukraine the most.

And it came out that the Party of Regions is passing out gifts to voters - made in CHINA - for buying votes.

And, as usual, Lutsenko was right - there was lots of sovok-type barking, and sovok-type sarcasm and sneering, to try to drown out anything he had to say, and lots of interruptions and shouting, and accusations and counter-accusations.

The funniest thing was when each one of the sovoks, in turn, specifically talked about how he or she would now tell everyone the "truth" - hilarious!!!!

It was truly ugly, except for Lutsenko and a couple others.

Which, once again, brings to mind - why would anyone in their right mind vote for the Party of Regions, even if they do get little gifts made in China?