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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

99.87% Counted: Yanukovych, 35.35%; Tymoshenko, 25.03%

So much for the National Exit Poll 2010!

What a cold Vodokhreshcha (Theophany).

The bargaining process appears to have kicked off. Tymoshenko ponders buying Tihipko votes in the 2nd round by making him PM and giving him half the Cabinet.



Ropi said...

In Ukraine, votes are counted very slowly. In Hungary, we end voting around 8pm and by 10pm we have like 90% counted and by the next morning it is done. At least I remember it was quite quick in 2006, but we will see in April.

Taras said...

That’s how the old-fashioned system works.

Do you have e-voting in Hungary? In Ukraine, we don't.

In 2004, the Yanukovych camp used the Central Election Commission network to rig the vote by inflating the turnout numbers.

Ropi said...

We vote on paper, but they count it quicker. There are many spots and people can count quicklier in this way.