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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exit Poll Data: Yanukovych, 31.5%; Tymoshenko, 27.2%

The National Exit Poll 2010:
Yanukovych, 31.5%
Tymoshenko, 27.2%
Tihipko, 13.5%
Yatsenyuk, 7.8%
Yushchenko, 6%
Symonenko, 2.8%
Against all, 2.7%
Lytvyn, 2.4%
Tyahnybok, 2.1%
Hrytsenko, 1.7%
Moroz, 0.5%
Bohoslovska, 0.4%
Suprun, 0.2%

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Ropi said...

Lytvyn has cool name. I like it.

Sandy said...

ICTV gives different numbers for Yanukovich and Tymoshenko. Let's see who lies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Much appreciated from Canada.

Taras said...


With his election results, we’ll probably never see him run again. And that’s something he truly deserves.

His taxpayer-paid real estate and royal perks (not to mention his stint as Kuchma’s chief of staff) are finally catching up to him.


Let’s see who’s who. We have less than 20% of the vote left to count.


You’re welcome!