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Friday, January 15, 2010

Battle of the Billboards 2010 (Part 1)

Watch Kyiv on the eve of the first round of the presidential election, on the first days of the 2010s.

The pics and vids you’ll see capture the mood and motion in Ukraine’s capital January 1 through January 13.

Pace yourself by clicking II and using => <=. Click here for my December slideshow.

Putting things into perspective: a bottle of Soviet Sparky

Tymoshenko morphing into 100% beef!

Bingo! I hit the jackpot!

Yanukovych the Terminator meets Yanukovych the Teaser: “I know I’ll Come”


Ropi said...

Today I read a report on your election in a Hungarian net magazine and Tymoshenko was represented as a king of empress.

Anonymous said...

Dear Taras and all,

If you are interested in the billboards, here is a piece I wrote with my colleague:

Michelle said...

I love the slideshow! And yes, you capture the mood the billboards give to the surrounding city well... ;)

Taras said...


She’s not a queen yet:)

She’s a cinderella/promise-but-never-deliver-rella/oligarchrella/Kremlinrella (fill in the blank).


You covered virtually everything! All you need is a few pics and vids:)


Thank you! You’ve seen those billboards yourself! You know how it feels to watch all those faces morph into each other:)

alan said...

Great pictures. Interesting times I pray God's will be done.

Taras said...

Thank you, Alan! You're always welcome!

God bless Ukraine and its friends!