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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yanukovych, Tymoshenko Crisscross Ukraine

The love-bombing air assault continues. They need every vote they can get.

Tymoshenko goes after Tihipko-Yatsenyuk-Yushchenko voters. Yanukovych stands little chance of winning over Yatsenyuk-Yushchenko voters, but he does have some chance with Tihipko voters.

Channel 1+1 follows both candidates on their campaign trails.

Same rallies, same concerts, same receptions, same promises, same interviews, same endorsements.

Yanukovych in Mykolayiv: I don't get much sleep at night, but I think everything will be alright.

Your powerful voice has been heard all over Ukraine.

Tymoshenko in Lviv: I want to ask you to help me not to lose this main, important battle of this particular presidential election.

More updates. In Kyiv, where people break bones on icier-than-ever sidewalks or burn themselves by falling into negligently open manholes, Yanukovych scored 16%. This prompted Deputy Mayor Irena Kilchytska to declare herself a Yanukovych supporter.

Speaking at a rally in Lviv, Tymoshenko also said this: “Had I lived in 1918-1919, I would have definitely been among the Sich Riflemen. Because it was a real struggle for the freedom and glory of Ukraine.”

Asked twice whether she would have joined the UPA if she had lived in 1944, Tymoshenko uttered no sound and walked away.

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briaxis said...

I can hardly imagine how Tymoshenko (the same PM who didn't even dare to contradict Putin when he was mocking Yushchenko under her very nose) could have joined the UPA and hence risked her life for Ukraine's sake.

By the way, Taras, your Deputy Mayor will soon be coming to Munich to lecture on... civil society (no kidding!) But some serious people will be on the Ukrainian delegation, too.


Taras said...

OMG! Any chance she will seek political asylum:)?

Btw, I think I just found some interesting pics.

Look at those happy faces: Tymoshenko, Chernovetsky, Kilchytska. It's like they're best friends, ever!

Lingüista said...

I wonder if Tymoshenko wants to be the Evita Perón of Ukraine. You know, to be a 'myth', so as not to be really held accountable for her 'foibles' such as oligarch worship...

Katyusya said...

Янукович готовит админресурс под выборы.
Главным признаком кадровой политики команды Януковича, как в центре, так и на местах, является реваншизм.