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Monday, January 25, 2010

‘Everything’s Gone!’ Cartoons Blast Tymoshenko

“Everything’s Gone!” owes its name to Tymoshenko’s 45 seconds of infamy as the-lovelorn-lady-about-to-address-the-nation.

The soundtrack is a parody of “Ти ж мене підманула,” the popular Ukrainian folk song about a young man whose date didn’t show up.

The refrain of the original song goes like this:

You made a fool of me
You failed me once again
You made me drool over
And you made me go insane

The refrain of the first cartoon soundtrack goes like this:

I fooled you all, people
I failed you all, folks
I want to be president
And I've got enough dough

In the cartoons, the Tymoshenko character starts with “I” and waxes poetic. She covers just about everything:

Part 1: Soviet savings, broken military promises, lies, gas, Gazprom, Putin;

Part 2: Communists, Lytvyn, IMF loans, tax returns, Louis Vuitton, talk shows, Yatsenyuk, Ratushnyak, “She’s working;”

Part 3: White Tigress=White Rat, white rats=Tymoshenko cronies, kleptocracy, broken promises, brainwashing;

Part 4: Pedogate, Kuchma cronies in BYuT, Hubsky, Lozynsky, Yushchenko, “With YUkraine at Heart,” Pugacheva, kleptocracy.

Brought to you by Obozrevatel, the popular online engine controlled by Mykhailo Brodsky, who has a love-and-hate relationship with Tymoshenko.

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Ropi said...

I liked the first one the most, although I didn't understand it. It seems these political cartoons have their golden age nowadays.

In Hungary they are not so fashionable.

This weekend I had more free time, and after reading your blog I was re-thinking Ukraine as a possible holiday destination, so I was looking around a bit.

Taras said...

You’re always welcome! How about this summer? It’s a bit cold at the moment ( -14C:)

Oh yeah, that’s the cartoon I translated, partially:)