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Friday, January 08, 2010

Tymoshenko Sends Her Christmas Greetings

When 13 became her number on the ballot, she compared it to Jesus Christ and the 12 Apostles.

She believes in every one of us being a bovine believer in her holiness.

PM/presidential candidate Tymoshenko: My darlings, I cordially greet you with the bright holiday of Christmas! More than two thousand years ago, in Bethlehem, baby Jesus was born, the one who changed the world. The Lord came to earth and gave us hope, forgiveness and salvation. His New Testament became the firmest foundation on which our civilization was built. He gave us the main commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And I dream that humanity will live by this exact rule that we got to know from childhood.



How on earth did you learn that rule in your childhood? Didn’t you grow up in the atheist city of Dnipropetrovsk in the ‘60s like I grew up in the atheist city of Kyiv in the ‘80s? Didn’t you marry the son of a Communist Party boss? (I didn’t.)

You love your voter as yourself? Tell it to Jesus.

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Ropi said...

Today I was on an open day in an university which has partner institution in that Dniepro-whatever. I recognise that she uses these cuddling words (f. ex: darling) which is hell annoying from a politicians.

Taras said...

Dnipropetrovsk! That’s where she comes from:)

Yeah, her sweet sotto voce annoys the hell out of me. She has fake sincerity down to an art.

The same thing happens when Yanukovych talks like a Terminator and puts his hands up in the air to project the image of a strong leader.

Sandy said...


We call Dnipropetrovsk Dnieper without "whatever". =)


May be Yanukovych thinks that he looks like a terminator, but for me he looks like a retarded person, who can't talk and move normally.

The worst thing is that the people of Ukraine like these two bad actors and it seems that one of them will be our future president. :(

Ropi said...

I may need to study this name if I get accepted to university and I will be sent there as an exchange student. It is not easy though.

Taras said...


Dni-pro-pe-trovsk. It’s that simple:)


:( indeed.

Ropi said...

Does it have anything in common with river Dnepr? We also have cities in connection with Danube (Duna) such as Dunaújváros.