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Monday, October 29, 2007

Four Coal Miners Killed in Luhansk Oblast

An accident at a coal mine in eastern Ukraine on Sunday claimed the lives of four people, Ukrainian news agencies report. Several miners are missing.

The Ukrainian mining industry has one of the highest casualty rates in the world.


Anonymous said...

Death tolls from dangerous Ukrainian mines every year increase with the addition of those that die while on the job. Prayers for the ones left behind and curses on those that allow these 'murders' to continue year after year. news reports that a criminal case has been opened - will see what happens.


Taras said...

As long as we have stabilnist, we shouldn't expect safety, Luida.

Our coal mines will continue killing people, and the oligarchs will continue cashing in on the killer coal.

Anonymous said...

People talk about "blood diamonds" what about "bloodied coal"? L

Taras said...

Ukraine’s casualty rate leaves her second only to China.