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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PoRnoholics Medieval

Are you kidding? Why are we supposed to work in the opposition if we are the winners? As the winning party, we have the right of the first night — to be the first to form a coalition.

MP Mykhailo Chechetov, Party of Regions (acronyms: PRU, PoR), quoted in Ukrainian weekly Vysoky Zamok, week of Oct. 25-31

Too bad neither Viagra nor, to a lesser extent, the Party of Regions was invented in the Middle Ages.


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT - SUPERLATIVE POSTS! Fantastic blog Taras! Completely on my fav. bookmraks and I look forward with great anticipation to the new editions and it floors me as to your output - it is really hard work and consumes alot of time - very very very many thanks! Rock on!


PS In regards to first night, perhaps they should try putting saltpeter into the dining food at the Parliament? It may be an urban legend but if it gets them into the opposition what the heck. Homeopathic remedies all around. (for the real truth about saltpeter -

elmer said...

jus prima noce - Are they really serious??????!!!!!!!!

No wonder they lost votes!

Taras said...

Thank you so much, Luida:)!!!

Your comments always bring life to this blog, and an avalanche of useful information, too:)!

Well, sometimes blogging is hard work; sometimes it’s smart work;) And as for the new election, you’re right — it may very well be around the corner!

Saltpeter? ROFL! Brilliant idea! That would be quite humanistic of us. Let’s call it saltpeter for the “salt of the earth.”

How can we keep them so horny all the time, without giving them the right of the first night:)))?


Chechetov said just that.

Yes, they lost some, but not as many as they should have lost — had the public paid more attention to their medieval instincts.

elmer said...

амінь, амінь, амінь!!!!!!