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Monday, October 15, 2007

Orange Coalition Formed

Ukrayinska Pravda at 7:34 pm Kyiv time (GMT +2:00) reported that the Orange leaders have finally formed a coalition.
Yulia Tymoshenko of BYuT and Vyacheslav Kyrylenko of NUNS have signed the much-awaited coalition agreement.

Let the new government serve the Ukrainian people, and let it vigorously take on the utility industry.


Anonymous said...

full text of the coalition agreement (in Ukrainian) avail on the OU-PSD website

as well as can see the films about Mayor Chernovetsky of Kyiv and Donetska Mafia here


Taras said...

Hopefully, no coalition dissolution agreements will be published anytime soon.

Any chance of an action movie about BYuT and NUNS "land lovers?"

Anonymous said...

Каськів: Угоду з Тимошенко ще можна змінити

Kaskiv (head of PORA group - one of the members of Our Ukraine) says that the agreement with Tymoshenko could still be changed

He stated that he was convinced that all members of OU-PSD would vote for Yulia as PM and although it seems that some deputies are kinda iffy about the 'imperative mandate'


Taras said...

Kaskiv pissed away Pora. What kind of party-shopping maneuvers does he have in mind?