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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Halloween Edition
PoRnoholics Gynecological

A monochrome Orange coalition — it has died stillborn. It won’t happen, and the processes that occur from within — let me say it again — they have already buried the Orange coalition in advance. Today, the agenda is to form a parliamentary coalition of national unity, at the core of which will be the winning party, the Party of Regions. And one year from now, so many things will happen that I think we’ll have a coalition of 300 [constitutional majority]…not just 226, but…
— MP Mykhailo Chechetov, PRU

A coalition of national impunity that’s coming full circle?

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PoRnoholics Astronomical

Well, there is some probability that that the Earth may collide with a very large meteorite. That’s about the same probability that these two political forces will form a sustainable working coalition.
— MP Vladyslav Lukyanov, PRU

This guy obviously missed Tymoshenko’s Nostradamus ad.

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Anonymous said...

DOOM! Based on Chechetov's speech, it is over. KAPUT.

Doom (bells of Notre Dame tolling in the background.) Was afraid of this.
It will be NUNS+PoR.


Taras said...

If NUNS choose to do the nasty thing — under whatever pretext — let the cradle of filth consume them. The bell will toll for NUNS.

Anonymous said...

Well it doe snot have to all of NUNS - just enough of the votes to make it over the top. All that is needed to win away some political parties from being in kahoots with each other under the umbrella of Nasha Ukraina. Which is why it makes sense for them to avoid any explosions into splintering by becoming one party. But each of the 9 units have their own agendas and some of them may mightily resent having to swallow and swallow Tymoshenko's agenda. As has been stated they are not kozli and even goats would have a hard time devouring a junk yard. So at what point (if it happens) will something just refuse to go down ... and the spine is unable to bend over (like the special effects in the Matrix.)Some of them are old and old bones break very easily. (My deep apologies to all elderly as I am geriatric as well and know well of what I speak.)


Taras said...

If NUNS, leery of Tymonatrix, bend over and take it from SuGGar Daddy, they will be gone with the wind.

For this horrendous crime against the voters, they certainly will take bagfuls of cash. But that won’t be enough to buy back the voters. I hope all of this is just a figment of my imagination.

Geriatric? Do you mind if I ask you how “geriatric” you are:)?