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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hate at Hoverla
Ukrainian National Emblem Vandalized by ‘Eurasian’ Extremists

At the top of Mt. Hoverla, Ukraine’s highest peak and President Yushchenko’s favorite mountaineering range, members of the Eurasian Youth Union have trashed the Ukrainian coat of arms, the trident, and its accompanying stone engravings.

Pictures of the trident being sawed off (the trident used to crown Hoverla) appeared online on Friday. The Eurasian Youth Union (known by its Russian acronym as ESM) claimed responsibility for the incident. The ESM is a cadet wing of the Eurasia Party, helmed by neo-imperial ideologist Aleksandr Dugin.

A statement issued by the Eurasians contains threats of more “preventive action” in the event of Tymoshenko’s premiership, Ukrayinska Pravda reports. It also reports that the SBU has identified three suspects, two of them nationals of the Russian Federation. The SBU has determined that the trident was dismantled, not sawed off, as simulated in the video below. (Perhaps the saw wasn't up to the task.)

The SBU claims to have gathered evidence that this act of vandalism was masterminded and coordinated by ESM leader Pavel Zarifullin and by his boss Aleksandr Dugin. More on ESM activities in Ukraine:

Commenting on the episode, Dugin revels in Slavic folklore and couches his rhetoric in a self-styled struggle between good and evil:

What happened at Hoverla was a castration of Ukrainian orangism. It was a symbolic castration of Yushchenko. Now what’s left is to get to Tymoshenko. But, because this surgery is not applicable to her, she, like a witch, has to be burned.

Bingo. As in the case of Kashchei, to defeat the orange serpent, it’s necessary to find an egg that’s in the woods, hanging on a tree branch, inside of which is a needle that has to be broken. That they sawed off the lousy neo-Nazi trident — that, I believe, was the breaking of the needle of Kashchei.

It’s necessary to demonstrate to the whole world the beastly, absolutely anti-people, anti-national neo-Nazi mug of the orange regime.

They already gave it a try once. For that, a Yushchenko adviser was deported from St. Petersburg. We’ve seen that Russia does not sell her own kind. Putin’s Russia does not sell her own kind.

Statement of the Eurasian Youth Union (translated from Russian):

The forces of a special mountain ESM unit at Mt. Hoverla have sawed off and desecrated the symbol of Ukraine’s occupation, the trident. Destroyed is the granite plate of the Ukrainian sectarian church. Shattered is the granite landmark devoted to the so-called Constitution of Ukraine.

In place of the Ukrainian collaborators’ blue-white banner, erected on top of the mountain is the flag of the Eurasian Youth Union.

Mt. Hoverla is hereby renamed to Stalin Peak.

With this unprecedented act of Eurasian enthusiasm, the ESM proclaims that the days of the so-called “independent Ukraine” are coming to an end. In place of the ugly limitrophe entity, we will build a Great Ukraine, as part of the Eurasian Empire.

Also, the ESM warns that in the event of orange ape Yulia Tymoshenko’s appointment to the post of Premier of the so-called Ukraine, we will not be able to stop our Ukrainian activists from taking preventive action of direct effect against the leadership of this pseudo-country.


Qatar Cat said...

Yes, what they need is Stalin on their sorry asses. I'd love to see what would happen to the poor sod who dared to act and speak in this way against Stalin... in Stalin's time.

Oh wait, I know what happened to those who did! Only they didn't get to rename peaks.

Taras said...

Touché, Cat!

This kind of "copyright infringement" would land them in a troika court right away.

If not summarily executed, they would rot in Siberia, even though they got Stalin under their skin.

Qatar Cat said...

To be honest, I don't think they'd make it as far as the troika court.

Taras said...

Bet accepted!

elmer said...

These people are seriously sick.

One of the classic tactics of extremist groups is to "dehumanize" their target. The Nazis did it ("untermenschen"). The sovoks did it ("enemies of the state" "fascists").

Does anyone really want this sort of vicious behavior?

In a democracy, don't elections have any meaning at all?

Is anyone persuaded of anything by these vandals?

Taras said...

I think they did a perfect job of dehumanizing themselves and promoting the idea of Ukraine's NATO membership.

More "good neighbor" episodes of this kind — with full media coverage — and we'll have to send them a thank-you postcard.

Anonymous said...

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Taras said...

Thank you, Luida. Just another poignant example of how the EU Curtain works.

Instantly dispels the naivete of those Europeans who, awestruck by Kyiv's luxury car fleet, assume that Ukrainians have money coming out of their ears.

The fact that Ukraine has some of the world's finest musicians makes it extremely hard for them to explain their financial difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Ok it's official this story is totally played out - esp. when this nutter-butter gets involved.


Taras said...

How dare Korchynsky put such a low price on the Duginjugend? That's an insult!:)))

pumpernickel said...


Thanks for the link. I just discovered your site.


Taras said...

Laskavo prosymo!:) Stay tuned for updates;)!