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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ukraine WTO Accession Talks Show U.S. Against GM Labeling

The upcoming round in Ukraine’s WTO accession talks, to be held in Geneva on Oct. 25, may result in a tradeoff between membership and proper labeling for genetically modified products.

UP quotes a report in Liga that puts the U.S. as the chief opponent of proper labeling for its plethora of genetically modified exports.

Dear Uncle Sam, is freedom of information the price less powerful nations have to pay for free trade? What about the Golden Rule?


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the news story when in an effort to combat 'obesity' in Ukrainian children, it was decided that pork in school lunches is a no-no. Or the other news story that the law to introduce iodized salt as mandatory was struck down in the Ukrainian Parliament while thousands of young children suffer from iodine deficiency.

IMHO The GM labeling thing is a delay tactic to stay out of the WTO until after the Russian Fed. gets in.


Taras said...

This story is about hardball bargaining tactics.

Ukraine is being offered to trade freedom of information for freedom of trade. Washington knows how to drive a hard bargain.