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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Babushka Praises Putin; Putin Praises Himself

Below is a hugely popular video of how Vladimir Putin basks in accolades lavished upon him by an elderly lady during a recent national call-in press conference.

Female host:
Hello, please introduce yourself.
Babushka: (firmly): I will not speak with you, but only with the President.
Female host:
Uh…Vladimir Vladimirovich is listening to you. Ask your questions.

Yes I’m listening. Good afternoon.

Babushka (inquisitively):
Is that you?

That’s me, good afternoon.

Babushka (incredulously):
Is that really you?


Babushka (gleefully):
Gee, and that was you before, right?

I was.

Babushka (cordially):
Oh God (sigh of relief), thank you so much. Many thanks for everything!

Male host (chuckles):
Sounds like no questions were asked.

Female host (smiles):
Live broadcasting...
Putin (self-importantly): Thank you for…for what you said. Basically, this is an evaluation of my work, an evaluation of those people I’ve been working with side-by-side during the last years. (Self-critically) But I assure you we feel there’s a lot we haven’t done yet. I promise you we will take every effort to realize the goals we set for ourselves.

Bonus track: "Takogo Kak Putin"

English version: "You Must Be Like Putin"

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