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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Moroz Concedes Defeat, Takes Parting Shots at Tymoshenko’s Premiership

Oleksandr Moroz, the outgoing Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, unveils his vision of the next government in a Holos Ukrayiny article. Ukrayinska Pravda and Obkom quote from his acerbic musings.

Moroz says that society, similar to an individual, learns from experience.

"Його (досвід) необхідно якомога раніше одержати. Тому хотілося б, щоб уряд Тимошенко було створено і щоб він пропрацював хоча б два роки. Рік, коли у невдачах будуть звинувачувати попередній уряд. Рік - коли звинувачувати буде нікого".

It [experience] should be gained as soon as possible. That’s why I desire that the Tymoshenko government be formed, and that it operate for at least two years. A year when the previous government will be blamed, and a year when there will be no one left to blame.

A graceful valedictory endorsement, isn’t it?

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Anonymous said...

Well it is not like Tymoshenko holds any love in her heart for Moroz. What a triumph for her it would be if she got to become PM and helped push Moroz out.

Hope that this election will be remembered for a long time for the fact that no matter how long someone has been a part of the political landscape, a vote could put them out (Moroz) and in Lytvyn's case, back in.


Anonymous said...

Same event was reported a shade differently by the Natl Radio. "Socialist Party leader speaks up for premiership of BYUT leader"

I guess something got lost in translation as ur report is way more accurate.


Taras said...

This election has demonstrated the inward and outward mobility of Ukrainian politics.

Thankfully, our democracy still has some vitals. There’s a revolving door out there, and we should keep it that way.

ROFL! They totally missed the sarcasm in Moroz’s statement:)))

Anonymous said...

"Moroz Recognizes Defeat and Stands for Tymoshenko’s Premiership"
url contd

"The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation, leader of Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) Oleksandr Moroz stands for Yulia Tymoshenko’s premiership."


Orest said...

Hey Taras,

How about listing my blog in your list of blogs!

You have others that only post maybe once a month.


Taras said...

Luida, Moroz's sense of humor is a tough nut to crack, isn't it?;)

Some of his "testimonials" obviously fall short of communicating the intended message:)

Welcome to my blog, Orest!:) And to my blogroll, too!

Keep doing a great job of exploring contemporary Ukrainian music:)!

Anonymous said...

So according to SPU the fault that the voters went elsewhere was not the fault of Moroz? or is this just public acclaim before he's leadership is ended? r they really contemplating keeping him on?

"Мороз сказав, за якої умови він готовий піти у відставку"