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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Different News, Different Numbers

Below are two Novy Kanal reports dated Feb. 27. Try adding up the numbers.

And, of course, Gazprom claims that Ukraine hasn’t paid her bills yet.

Ukraine has settled her gas debt with Russia. Yulia Tymoshenko has filed a report to President Yushchenko. The PM had until 9 a.m. this morning to make a progress report on the debt repayment in person, but she went down with a cold. It was Oleksandr Turchynov who went to the meeting with the President. Viktor Yushchenko, after making sure the debt was settled, became content and went on to pacify Putin.

President Yushchenko: Yesterday, at about 10 p.m. some 2.2 billion hryvnias were remitted to the suppliers’ accounts by NAK Naftogaz. As of day, I’d put it this way: Out of the 5 billion of our debt — the debt of NAK Naftogaz — some 3.8 billion have been paid. Therefore, I’d say, at the time of our conversation, the brunt of the 2007 payments problem has been resolved.

Oleksandr Turchynov held a meeting of the Cabinet. The Vice Premier, too, started out with a report. He presented the officials and reporters with financial documents that signify full settlement of the debt due for the gas consumed prior to Jan. 1 of this year. As of today, the only amount unpaid is 414 million hryvnias. It is the debt that the Ukrainian side has not recognized and has challenged in court.

Vice-Premier Turchynov: The only amount that has been recognized neither by the Cabinet nor by NAK Naftogaz is the 414 million that were fraudulently charged for the gas consumed in 2006 based on 2007 price quotes.

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hans said...

Almost expect them to come out and announce they're settling the debt -- Ukraine will hand over 450,000 liters of honey and pepper vodka and lease Shevchenko to Zenit (Petersburg) for 2.5 years; in return, Ukraine gets to siphon 7 billion cubic meters of gas per year and sink one ship from Russia's Black Sea fleet for every Russian tanker that sinks at Kerch. Tymoshenko goes into hibernation to finally get healthy and awakes at the dawning of the presidential campaign season; blames Russia for the decaying sunken boats off Crimea. She convinces Turkmenistan to supply gas directly to Ukraine by getting the IUD to build a gold statue of Berdymukhamedov 10 meters higher than Turkmenbashi's. Everyone is happy. Or are they...?

Anonymous said...

What no third set of numbers? no news broadcast with the numbers from Gazprom???

Lots of stories and versions going on that make muddy water look clear via comparison.

btw in case u missed it photos and story from the construction site.


Taras said...

Nice scenario simulation, Hans:) I’m sure Turkmenbashi II wouldn’t object!

You got me rolling on the floor, especially when you interpolated IUD into it! As a person with some knowledge of English acronyms — but one who normally transliterates Ukrainian acronyms rather than translates them — I was thoroughly impressed by the pun:)))!

Luida, I decided to give Gazprom a break and focus on the locals:) Thank you for the tip! I’ve already attached those pics to my anthrax post!

elmer said...

I don't know if you've seen this, but it is MUST READING:

These people really did their homework - and it's not simulation.

I find it very interesting - actually disturbing - in the other segment that Taras posted, consisting of a barrage of comments from PoR, including Boyko, that they attack any efforts to cut out RosUkrEnergo.

Taras said...


This is the most comprehensive summary of who’s who in the Eurasian gas trade that I’ve ever seen.

Even though it’s a little dated, most of the facts and figures have apparently remained unchanged.

Thank you, Elmer! Thank you, Global Witness!

elmer said...

Actually, it was Leopolis who found it and posted the link on his blog.

So why is Yushchenko covering for Firtash and the rest of the gang?

Ukrainian Pravda has an editorial recently. In it, the writer asks Victor Yushchenko, the one of the Orange Revolution, to come back.

Ukrainian Pravda also has an article (linked at Foreign Notes) about how Baloha and his buddy - well, actually, their wives - were able to go to auctions and acquire valuable real estate in Mukachevo, and in the process unload virtually condemned buildings in exchange on the government.

They stole it fair and square.

Yanuk, it turns out, got his latest mansion - Mezhohir - in a deal made with Yushchenko.

Yanuk gets the mansions, and in return agrees to stop blocking funding for elections.

The stink from that sewer is so bad, one can smell it all around the world.

Was it Yushchenko who said that "corruption is killing Ukraine?"

I believe it was.

I wish the people in Ukraine would pay attention.

Taras said...

Then, the original hat tip goes to Leopolis!

Elmer, when Yushchenko survived poisoning by dioxin, we didn’t realize that his worst poisoning was yet to come.

I’ve read the Ukrayinska Pravda pieces you mentioned. There’s also talk of Baloha taking Chernovetsky under his wing to thwart Tymoshenko’s probes. Smells like stabilnist.