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Friday, February 15, 2008

Yushchenko Meets With Putin

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Putin: Despite the internal political developments in Ukraine, our volume of trade has grown. Nothing obstructs trade growth, at least there’s nothing significant to cause obstruction. Diversification is taking hold in our relations in all areas. There are issues that require special attention. First and foremost, these are the issues connected with our partnering in aviation, in space, and in certain other areas of our cooperation. I know that our foreign affairs ministries are in touch on border issues.

Yushchenko: That’s right.

Putin: We have developments there as well. It is all being discussed at the expert level, but I very much hope that just as we’ve managed, so far, to resolve issues of this kind not only at the expert level, but at also at the political one — by entering into bilateral agreements — we will be moving in this direction just as positively. In summary, we have enough to talk about. The stockpile of issues is big, and I’m very glad to see you. Welcome!

Yushchenko: Thank you. Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich. First of all, Vladimirovich, I’m very glad to visit Russia and to meet with you. And as for the assessments, I think our views match. Over this period of time, I think we’ve worked out a decent action plan: a total of 26 items, I guess, which will supply the answers to a wide range of economic and trade relations in various industries. Certainly, there are issues that we should discuss separately. Maybe they are highly sensitive. Uh…we are ready for this dialogue, and we proceed from the notion that Russia was, is, and will be our strategic partner, and it is in the context of this understanding — in the context of such values — that we will do our business with Russia.

Off the record, are we to understand that, just like Putin, RosUkrEnergo will stick around for a while in some sort of reincarnation?


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