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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tymo Goes Harmony-Searching

Interviewer: Can you tell us briefly what mistakes your Government has made and why…and what caused them?

PM Tymoshenko: As of today, our Government hasn’t made any mistakes. All the ministers are working at an extremely fast pace. We have a great team, and we feel that, step-by-step, in our democratic coalition and in the rapport between the President, the Government and Parliament we will have more and more harmony.

Really? Does she really mean it? Many of us dumb folks here think that the ongoing wrangle over RosUkrEnergo, oblenergos, Oshchadbank, Odesa Port and Kyiv makes a hell of a harmony out of the Orange dream team.

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Anonymous said...

Wrangles does not mean that there is no unity. Yes, there is some disharmony but would prefer the tension involved in decision making rather than autocratic dictatorship of one side being dominant. The important thing is to have unity and so far it has been tested and shown (though with some smudges and blurred lines :))))


elmer said...

Well, what do you expect or want her to say?

Tymo is awesome.

In the meantime, here's a little "close harmony" from yet another Big Band group:

Anonymous said...

Given your attitude towards PoR "stability," what think ye of this quote, from the ever-stupid Kirilenko:

"Кириленко отметил, его политическая сила начинает готовиться к следующим выборам на следующий день после оглашения результатов предыдущих выборов. «Поэтому мы знаем, что демократия это каждодневное испытание и наши штабы, конечно, могут в быстром режиме начать избирательную кампанию. Но я хочу сказать, что украинскому народу, наверное, избирательные кампании каждый месяц не нужны. Людям нужна стабильность», - заявил нардеп. "

Smacks of PoRism, no?

Taras said...

Luida, let’s face it: There is no unity:)

Which can be both a boon and bane. When sparks of competition fly, the important thing is not set the house on fire. (Let’s give Shufrych a break, shall we?:)

If Tymoshenko wants my vote, she doesn’t have to be “nice.” Instead, she must spare no effort in disaggregating the status quo.

Thanks for the great vid, Elmer! The fireplace sets the tone:)


It most certainly does. Smells like stabilnist!

There it goes again, the magic — and misused — S-word, the mantra of Kuchmism-Yanukism. Some folks just don’t realize how much stability we have in Ukraine, and how much sorrow it causes Ukrainians.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Never say stability unless you know the local semantics.

In Ukraine, stabilnist/stability has little to do with creating a climate of sustained growth and innovation. It’s all about sustaining the status quo and sub-European living standards.

One can detect all kinds of stability in Ukraine, to name just a few:

Exchange rate stability: eats into consumer spending
“Stability and Prosperity” pork-barrel conditioning: fans inflation
Zasyadka stability: kills miners and leaves taxpayers holding the bag

Some Western observers — and even some Orange politicians — are so divorced from Ukrainian reality or buffered from it by their status that the full country-unique scope of stabilnist totally eludes them. As a result, it’s not uncommon for them to raid Yanuk’s vocabulary and speak of rope in the house of a hanged man.

In summary, my synonyms for stabilnist would be servility, sovok, spin, sadomasochism, status quo, social injustice and special interests.