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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Former Naftogaz Chief on Stabilnist, Shyrka, Patriotism

Ukrayinska Pravda quotes from an RFE/RL interview with the former chief of Naftogaz, MP Yuriy Boiko, PRU, widely believed to be RosUkrEnergo’s agent of influence.

On the PRU's slipping approval ratings:
As of today, we’re not losing approval ratings. In any given society, if a party goes into the opposition, some people will stray. It’s normal practice. And we feel quite all right about this.

On Baloha’s plans to strike out on his own:
You know, nobody has spoken about this officially. In our turbulent political situation, rumors abound. I believe that the vast majority of them have no foundation. Well, perhaps some of our partners, our colleagues, are planning to launch a new political project. It’s the right of every person — to launch a new political project.

On Baloha-Akhmetov relations:
You know, big business has to cooperate with government. And the fact that it cooperates — if this benefits the country, benefits stabilnist — then it’s normal. If it benefits stabilnist, then it’s normal. And whatever political decisions out there are being made by Baloha, I believe that right now he’s realizing that the ruling coalition in its present format — it doesn’t work.

Is it normal? It’s normal because they live in the same country. They are all patriots because they’re not leaving the country. They work and live here.

On the speculation of having lobbied the idea of replacing Akhmetov with Firtash as the chief party financier:
I believe there’s no way a person can approach the party leader and make an offer like this, so it’s all rumors. I’ve already answered this question today for one of the reporters. The answer is short: It’s all rumors and hearsay. It didn’t happen.

Whew! Now we know who the real patriots are! They work and live this country. They can’t live without stabilnist. And nothing short of a shyrkanova works for them.



Anonymous said...

"The Prosecutor's General Office has opened a criminal case upon embezzlement of UAH 180 million during construction of Boyarka-based Center for Metrology of Oil, Oil Products, Natural and Liquefied Gas (Kyiv region) by Naftohaz Ukrainy national joint-stock company."

SCM has increased its profits in one year 2007 by FIFTEEN times. This is phenomenal growth - amazing, unbelievable growth - so yep - if I were in PoR I would also want him as the principal financial backer.


Taras said...

Luida, the Prosecutor-General's Office opens cases only to close them. Do you really think this one will be any different:)?

Oh yeah! It's FANTABULOUS! Leaves no doubt as to where most of Ukraine’s “STABILITY & PROSPERITY” goes, doesn’t it?

Thank you for the precious comments:)!

Anonymous said...

"According to the version of Focus magazine, Rinat Akhmetov heads the rating of the richest people of Ukraine with a fortune at 14.62 billion dollars. ... that Ukrainian millionaires and billionaires became richer by 25% on average during the year. ... The number of dollar billionaires in Ukraine increased twice as much according to results of 2007."


And with all that, the poor guy has the flu.

Taras said...

Thank you for the links, Luida!

Forbes should update their Ukrainian section more often! Can anybody explain why we have so many billionaires in one of Europe’s poorest countries? What gives?

It’s not hard to explain the guy’s calling in sick. Why mix with the crowd that can destroy the market value of your hard-earned possessions?

Let's see if he shows up.